Asbestos Management Planner Certification Refresher

The Asbestos Management Planner Refresher Course is designed to recertify individuals who write asbestos management plans for schools or other buildings. This AHERA course focusses on asbestos survey interpretation, hazard assessment, legal implications, control options, roles and responsibilities, operations and maintenance plans, regulatory requirements, recordkeeping, submission and financing abatement activity.

The Asbestos Management Planner Refresher Course is 4 hours in length. The course provides a thorough review of key information given in the Asbestos Management Planner Initial course. It also provides current information of regulatory changes, changes in work practices, and any other relevant changes to the Asbestos Management Planner certification. This AHERA course includes extensive real-life practical experience that you can immediately apply to your work activity. The material will be presented through a variety of teaching methods to keep you actively engaged as the course moves along. Management Plan component review will be presented to students in this course as part of the curriculum to help tie the learning to real work activity. Keep your certification current. Get recertified today!

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Course Objectives

The purpose of this 4-hour Asbestos Management Planner Refresher course is to renew certification. The course curriculum will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Understand roles and responsibilities of the asbestos management planner
  • To become familiar with characteristics of asbestos and uses
  • Understand asbestos exposure and associated health effects
  • Understand building systems and components
  • Know legal, liability and relationship responsibilities
  • Understand control options
  • Understand management plan components
  • Report interpretation and development


Asbestos Management Planner Refresher Overview

  • Functions of the Management Planner
  • Evaluation and Interpretation of Survey Results
  • Hazard Assessment and Response Action Evaluation
  • Legal Responsibilities of Management Planners
  • Evaluation and Selection of Control Options
  • The Role of Other Professionals in the Management Planning Process
  • Developing and Implementing an Operations and Maintenance Program
  • Regulatory Review of OSHA and the EPA
  • Recordkeeping for the Management Planner
  • Assembling and Submitting a Management Plan
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting
  • Regulatory Review

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get certified as an asbestos Management Planner?

To become a properly trained and accredited management planner you will need to seek training from a training provider that offers courses approved by the EPA or a state to conduct asbestos training pursuant to the Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan. Most states also require a license to perform this work. Your training course completion certificate is a general prerequisite to applying for such a license. The asbestos management planner training course is 2 days in length. EPA Accredited asbestos training courses are offered in five separate disciplines; Asbestos Abatement Worker, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor, Asbestos Inspector, Asbestos Management Planner and Asbestos Project Designer. Some states may refer to these training disciplines by different, yet similar names.

How do I know if my state has additional requirements?

Many states administer an asbestos program including having additional requirements to become licensed as a licensed asbestos management planner. The Environmental Protection Agency has compiled a list names and contact numbers for states that administer their own asbestos program. If your state administers their own program, you should contact them to identify state-specific requirements for becoming licensed.


Customer Reviews

 by David Davis on ZOTA Professional Training
Surprisingly useful class

I am the CEO of what used to be a modestly large property management firm. As I near retirement, we've stopped hiring new people to replace those who retire. Recently our Certified Lead Inspector and Certified Renovator employees retired, so I figured I'd take the class myself so we'd be able to keep on top of our much smaller current portfolio of properties. After 30 years of running renovations, sending employees to training and record keeping I thought the class would be a snooze and huge waste of my time. Just be sure, I ordered and read the entire textbook in advance, so I figured there was nothing for me to learn in the class. I was wrong.

The instructor, Robert, was amazingly able to make the dry material interesting and to relate it to real world issues. Just a simple "for instance," he asked "what's in the bottom of your toolbox." At home last night I found at least a quarter inch of dust in my nail bags and bottom of the tool box. As I reached for the air hose to blow it out, I remember what Robert said about using a HEPA vac to clean up the dust instead of blowing air.

And biggest of all, my entire half century of working with lead and lead paints, I learned to think of protective measures in terms of PPE. Robert convincingly showed how environmental and engineering controls can be safer, cheaper and more comfortable.

The class shifted my entire mindset from PPE to not making dust in the first place. This will be useful in just about everything we do, not just lead work. My nailbags are now cleaned and oiled and I found all the little tools that had gotten lost in the debris at the bottom of my tool box.

At one point in the class I thought I'd caught Robert making a mistake or exaggeration. At break I asked him about it. He seemed really interested in my question. He researched and showed me why he was correct.

I highly recommend Robert as an instructor.

 by King P on ZOTA Professional Training

Great job!

 by Corey L on ZOTA Professional Training

10/10 Very informative and responsive to questions.

 by Anonymous on ZOTA Professional Training

Instructor did an excellent job.  He took his time with each person and explained it until they were able to understand.

 by Donnie W on ZOTA Professional Training

I didn't know how harmful it really was to children. Bob did great, taught us the best of his and everyone else's knowledge.

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