Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Initial Course

This Asbestos Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Initial Certification course accredits individuals who perform repair or removal of a small quantities of asbestos containing material. The Asbestos Operations & Maintenance training is designed to provide special work practices for custodial, maintenance, and construction staff where the likelihood that asbestos-containing materials (ACM) will be disturbed and that asbestos fibers will be released. Certification as an asbestos operations and maintenance worker ensures that the individuals who perform OSHA Asbestos Class 3 or Class 4 work activity are properly trained.

The Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Worker Initial training course is 16 hours and provides in-depth knowledge and instruction on state-of-the-art asbestos methods and procedures including extensive real-life practical experience that you can immediately apply to your work activity. Get certified today and start working tomorrow.

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Available Courses

Date Day Time Location Price
January 15, 2018
January 16, 2018
Monday - Tuesday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm Chicago, IL $435.00 (USD) Register
February 12, 2018
February 13, 2018
Monday - Tuesday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm Chicago, IL $435.00 (USD) Register
March 12, 2018
March 13, 2018
Monday - Tuesday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm Chicago, IL $435.00 (USD) Register


Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to train individuals conducting asbestos operations and maintenance activities on methods and procedures including:

  • Asbestos characteristics, uses and locations
  • Potential health effects
  • Wet methods (such as applying water to ACM with a low pressure sprayer)
  • Use of mini-enclosures
  • Use of portable power tools equipped with special local ventilation attachments
  • Area isolation
  • Avoidance of certain activities, such as sawing, sanding, and drilling ACM
  • basic O&M procedures to minimize and/or contain asbestos fibers when there is the potential to disturb ACM includes


Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Initial Course Overview

  • Federal, state, and local asbestos regulations
  • Proper asbestos-related work practices
  • Descriptions of the proper methods of handling ACM, including waste handling and disposal
  • Respirator use, care, and fit-testing
  • Protective clothing donning, use, and handling
  • Hands-on exercises for techniques such as glove bag work and HEPA vacuum use and maintenance
  • Appropriate and proper worker decontamination procedures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Training required by law?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to institute and ensure participation in a worker training program for employees exposed to fiber levels (either measured or anticipated) at or above the permissible exposure limit (0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter (f/cc) as an 8-hour, time-weighted average (TWA) and/or the excursion limit (1.0 f/cc as a 30-minute TWA). This training program consists of an initial training period, the duration of which is determined by the type of work the employee performs, and annual refresher training.

According to the EPA regulations governing schools, all school staff custodial and maintenance workers who conduct any activities that may result in the disturbance of asbestos-containing building material (ACBM) must receive 16 hours of O&M training (comprised of 2 hours of Awareness Training and 14 hours of Special O&M Training).

Does the Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Certification Training expire?

Yes. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires asbestos operations and maintenance refresher training every 12 months.


Customer Reviews

The instructor had excellent knowledge in the subject matter. I would recommend this lead renovator course to others that need the training.

Great job!

The instructor did an excellent job teaching the lead certification course. There was good interaction including the hands on that helped the course go at a steady pace.

Thomas did an excellent job presenting the lead paint training course and was easy to relate to. I recommend this course to other contractors that need to get certified.

The course overall was easy to understand. The instructor provided real world experience and covered the information in sufficient detail that was suited for my own work.

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