OSHA Back Injury Prevention

OSHA Training - Back Injury Prevention

OSHA Back Injury Prevention

TIME TO COMPLETE: Approximately 2 hours
Price: $45.00
Certification effective for: Recommended 1 year
Recertification Required: Recommended every 1 year
Online Training: YES
REGULATIONS SATISFIED: Falls under several regulatory requirements
Gov. Agency: OSHA

Online Registration is: Open

OSHA Back Injury Prevention Training Course Overview:

OSHA Training is limited to 30 students per class. This Course is currently in English only. Please be on time, classes start promptly at scheduled time. Students arriving 15 minutes late will not be admitted. Photo taken before entering class.

This OSHA Back Injury Prevention Training includes a mandatory exam, which will be administered and scored at the completion of the Course. All necessary documentation will be provided to OSHA by the OSHA Training Instructor and follow-up will be done with each company to ensure their employees receive their Certification. OSHA Back Injury Prevention Certification is required every five years, which consists of a 4-hour Course. ZOTA Safety offers the refresher Course at a discount for alumni. Please ask your instructor for details.


This OSHA Training Course and the techniques discussed in this Training module apply to work performed by a variety of contractors and employees. With special emphases on:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Renovators
  • Remodelers
  • Painters

OSHA Training - Course Objectives

  1. To protect workers from possible Back injury.
  2. To obtain a clear understanding of the importance in minimizing and controlling the hazards when working in a area with potential Back Injury
  3. To obtain a clear understanding of tools, systems and techniques required for Back Injury
  4. To understand in full the rules and regulations regarding OSHA Back Injury Prevention.
  5. To obtain a working knowledge of the regulations regarding worker protection and the numerous health hazards encountered.

Completion of this OSHA Training module enables participants to perform work safely in a manner that is consistent with efforts to minimize the hazards of Back Injury.

This OSHA Training Course centers on teaching those who are most likely to be exposed to situations where Back Injury hazards exist, and the health threats posed by exposure to these hazards, and how to prevent and avoid these risks. Also the compliance laws associated.

Our OSHA Back Injury Prevention Training meets or exceeds governmental equivalent requirements in curriculum and method.

ZOTA Safety is an accredited OSHA Training provider for Back Injury Prevention Training.  A popular ZOTA Safety Training option is our on-site Training which provides you maximum flexibility and conveyance. This option also allows us to tailor the Training to your business operations, while saving you (the client) the travel expense and time commitment of sending employees to an off-site Training facility.

Our primary safety Trainers have over 45 years of combined OSHA Back Injury Prevention Training experience. In addition to our in-house safety Trainers, we utilize specialized industry professionals to help us meet the needs of our clients.

Additional Courses offered are developed to meet your on-going or immediate OSHA compliance requirements.

This Training Class can fill quickly so please register as soon as possible to ensure availability.

We look forward to the opportunity of providing you OSHA Back Injury Prevention Training. See our other Training schedule link on this website or contact us with any questions or specific scheduling needs for all Training Courses.

Price: $45.00 this includes lunch. During breaks the classroom has complimentary water and coffee only, no vending machines.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds after 2 days prior to the Training date.