New York Mold Refresher Course

NY Mold Abatement Worker Certification Course

The state of New York requires all mold remediation contractors, mold abatement workers, and mold assessors to be certified and licensed. Each NY Mold Certification is valid for two years and you must attend a refresher course if you plan to continue work. The New York Mold Refresher Course is intended for individuals currently certified in the state of New York and need to renew your certification. No matter which certification you hold, this one course is all you need.

Contractors that engage in mold remediation, abatement or assessor work activity are required to be certified. It is against the law for any contractor to engage in mold work activity without the proper license. Violations can be up to $10,000.00. Don’t risk thousands in fines. Keep your certification current and attend this approved New York Mold Refresher Course now.

This NY Mold Refresher Class is 4 hours long and will renew certification for all mold disciplines listed above. The class will provide everything you need to keep you up to date with the industry. You will receive your renewal certificate once you complete the course. You can then apply to NYS Department of Labor to renew your mold license.

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Course Objectives

The purpose of this NYS Mold Refresher course is to provide 4 hours of training to renew your current NY mold certification. Types of certifications that can renew with this NY mold refresher course are:

  • New York Mold Abatement Worker
  • New York Mold Assessor
  • New York Mold Remediation contractor


New York Mold Refresher Course Overview

  • Review health effects of mold
  • New York State Department of Labor mold docs and factsheets
  • Review regulatory guidance (EPA, OSHA, IICRC)
  • Mold remediation developments in state-of-the-art work practices, technology and safety procedures
  • Case studies and group discussion

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a New York Mold License issued by the NYS Department of Labor valid?

NY Mold Remediation Contractor, Mold Abatement Worker and Mold Assessor licenses are valid for two years.

Who should attend this New York Mold Refresher Course?

Anyone who currently holds a mold license issued by the New York State Department of Labor and plans to continue work in that industry.

Can I attend the NY Mold Refresher Course if my current license is expired?

Yes, as long as your license has not been expired for more than 1 year.

Do I need to show proof of ID to attend the refresher course?

Yes. All participants must provide proper identification to attend. You should also be prepared to provide your most recent mold certificate to show you are eligible for the refresher course.

What are the steps to renew my mold license in New York?

  1. Attend a DOL approved Mold Refresher Course.
  2. Successfully pass the 4 hour training course and receive your certificate.
  3. Submit an application form, appropriate fee and a copy of your certificate to DOL.
  4. DOL will issue the new Mold License.


Customer Reviews

 by William S on ZOTA Professional Training

Hands on training with props were useful. Great.

 by Gabe G on ZOTA Professional Training

I understand responsibilities of the EPA renovator and responsibilities as an owner. The instructor did very well, energizing and easy to understand.

 by Dylan F on ZOTA Professional Training

The instructor was an excellent teacher and very easy to get along with.

 by Antonio A on ZOTA Professional Training

 by Vincent F on ZOTA Professional Training

Very informative, easy to understand and ask questions.

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