EPA Lead Inspector Initial Certification


This Lead Inspector Certification Initial Course is required for those individuals who want to conduct surface by surface paint investigation to determine the presence and location of lead-based paint in housing, child occupied, commercial and industrial facilities. Students will receive lead inspector training covering lead-based paint inspection activities including regulatory requirements, methodologies and reporting requirements.

The purpose of the Lead Inspector Certification course is to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to perform lead-based paint inspection activities safely and in compliance with lead inspector certification laws. Lead inspector training course curriculum is clearly defined and will ensure that each student understands applicable rules and regulations for performing lead paint inspections including EPA and HUD. Students who complete the course will strengthen their knowledge and expertise on lead-based paint inspection and increase their value to the lead inspector industry.

The Lead Inspector Certification Initial Course is 24 hours in length. Each student will receive in-depth training of lead-based paint and health effects of lead to better understand how to conduct lead inspections safely. Lead inspector training will identify different lead inspection methods including XRF and lead paint chip collection. Students successfully completing lead inspector training will be possess state-of-the-art knowledge of lead-based paint inspection protocol that will advance your success in the lead inspector certification industry.

Students enrolled in the Lead Inspector Certification Initial course will receive a high-quality educational experience that is meaningful and relevant to the lead inspector industry. Our instructors are highly skilled, educated and experienced in the lead inspector training field. Lesson plans are structured in a way that learning is easy to understand and will provide each student with the tools to successfully complete this lead inspector training program. In fact, lead inspector training is structured around real-life situations to help reinforce the learning experience. Students who complete the Lead Inspector Certification Initial Course will be able to apply lead inspector principles and techniques with confidence.

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Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to train individuals lead inspectors on proper inspection & sampling methodologies including:

  • Uses and locations of lead
  • Health effects of lead
  • Regulatory review pertaining to lead-based paint
  • Roles & responsibilities of lead-based paint inspector
  • Lead-based paint, dust, soil & other inspection methodologies
  • Building construction & components related to lead-based paint
  • Clearance standards & testing
  • Interpretation of lead sampling results
  • Formulation & implementation of the final inspection report


EPA Lead Inspector Certification Initial Course Overview

  • Role and responsibilities of an inspector.
  • Background information on lead and its adverse health effects.
  • Background information on Federal, State, and local regulations and guidance that pertains to lead-based paint and lead- based paint activities.
  • Lead-based paint inspection methods, including selection of rooms and components for sampling or testing.
  • Paint, dust, and soil sampling methodologies.
  • Clearance standards and testing, including random sampling.
  • Preparation of the final inspection report.
  • Recordkeeping


Frequently Asked Questions

Additional education, experience and training requirements to become a Lead Inspector?

Lead-Based Paint Inspector

  • None

Who administers the lead-based paint activities program?

EPA administers the lead-based paint program only in areas where states, territories or tribes are not authorized by EPA to operate their own lead abatement programs. The states administered by EPA include: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming or American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Marianas and Tribal Lands.

All other states have EPA-authorized lead-based paint programs. Additionally, the Cherokee Nation, Lower Sioux Nation, Upper Sioux Community, and Bois Forte Band have EPA-authorized lead-based paint programs.


Customer Reviews

 by William S on ZOTA Professional Training

Hands on training with props were useful. Great.

 by Gabe G on ZOTA Professional Training

I understand responsibilities of the EPA renovator and responsibilities as an owner. The instructor did very well, energizing and easy to understand.

 by Dylan F on ZOTA Professional Training

The instructor was an excellent teacher and very easy to get along with.

 by Antonio A on ZOTA Professional Training

 by Vincent F on ZOTA Professional Training

Very informative, easy to understand and ask questions.

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