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The Flint Water Crisis is Inspiring Interest in EPA Lead Certification Online

With the recent news of Flint, Michigan’s problem with lead and other harmful materials, interest in EPA lead certification has increased. More Americans are looking to the internet for EPA lead certification online to fit with their often hectic schedules. Recent reports found that the water in the city of Flint is now safe to drink, almost.

On June 23, the EPA announced that the tap water in Flint is safe for residents to drink, but only if it is filtered. This means that the lead level is low enough after filtering to drink. Additionally, experts no longer advise pregnant women and children to drink bottled water.

In the United States alone, three-fourths of all homes contain lead paint. It has had such a significant impact on the population that one out of every six children has toxic levels of lead already in their bodies. This is mainly due to the fact that children age six and younger tend to put things in their mouths that could be contaminated with lead.

Nonetheless, the recent news from the EPA is a positive step forward for residents of Flint. City residents have not been able to drink tap water since last year. Donations of bottled water form celebrities and non-profit organizations have been one of the surviving factors for most people within the area.

Contractors, property managers, and others with a genuine interest in safe practices have all expressed increased interest in becoming EPA lead certified. There is good reason to do so. For one, enrolling in EPA lead certification online boosts your resume by adding a valuable skill.

If you do not work in the remodeling or construction field but own a home, having an EPA lead safe certification can save you money when renovating. Most contractors have a member of staff with lead inspector training or certification, but it doesn’t hurt to have one yourself. This is particularly true for those who like to be part of the entire process of a renovation or remodel.

Although the situation in Flint is making a turn for the better, the fact of the matter is that lead is all around us. No matter what city or state you live in, you may come in contact with toxic levels of lead paint at some point. Educate yourself from the convenience of your own home by enrolling in EPA lead certification online with ZOTA Professional Training.