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The Dos and Don’ts of Using the Lead-Safe Certified Firm Logo

Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to lead-based paint has been a priority for many firms in recent years, and having a concise way to show that your firm adheres to the highest standards is an easy way to make a strong first impression among potential customers and show your commitment to protecting the environment, the people who use your products and services, and their families. However, you must use this logo properly and only after you have been properly certified to uphold both your credibility and the EPA’s. Here are some of the most important dos and don’ts to keep in mind when using the EPA Lead-Safe Certification logo.

Who Can Use the EPA’s Lead-Safe Certified Logo?

Only firms that have completed the EPA’s certification process may use the EPA Lead-Safe Certification logo, and the EPA actively monitors all known uses of the logo to make sure that it is being used correctly. You must work with the EPA to be allowed to use the logo, and your own belief that your firm is lead-safe is not a sufficient alternative.

The Dos:

Using your EPA Lead-Safe Certification Firm Logo is a privilege that you have earned by meeting the EPA’s requirements, and knowing how to use it correctly is essential when it comes to making sure you continue to meet important guidelines. Here are three things to keep in mind when displaying your logo at your firm:

  • Properly Identify Your Firm. Displaying the EPA Lead-Safe Certification logo identifies your firm as one that has completely met the EPA’s requirements. For this reason, you must wait until you have completed all the EPA’s requirements and been fully approved to put your logo up.
  • Include the Logo on Your Firm’s Important Documents. You may place the EPA Lead-Safe Certification logo on any of your firm’s documents once you have completed the certification process. You may use a black and white version if you choose to, and the EPA can also provide you with several approved color versions.
  • Include the Logo in Your Firm’s Other Publications. You are also allowed and encouraged to include the Lead-Safe Certified logo in your firm’s website, brochures, signs, advertisements, and other publications as long as you do so correctly. All materials that utilize the logo must be published when you have your certification, and logos must adhere to size requirements regardless of where they are placed or the size of other logos, text, or images on the items.

The Don’ts:

EPA's certification process

Knowing how to use your Lead-Safe Certified logo is a must, but knowing what you are not allowed to do can be just as important when it comes to keeping your approval to use it. Here are four examples of what not to do when displaying your logo:

  • Use the Logo if You Are Not Properly Certified. Only firms that hold a current EPA certification are allowed to display the logo. This means that you may not put it up until you have been fully approved if you are in the process of applying for your firm’s EPA certification, and you will need to take it down until you have completely corrected any problems if your certification expires or is revoked and requires you to make adjustments and reapply. Displaying the logo at the wrong time, even by mistake, may negatively affect your customers’ views of the credibility of both your firm and the EPA.
  • Display a Logo That Is Too Small. Your EPA Lead-Safe Certification logo should be displayed with pride and clearly visible to your firm’s customers. For this reason, you must adhere to the EPA’s size requirements to avoid intentionally or inadvertently hiding it by using a logo that is too small. According to the EPA, any logo that your firm uses must be at least one inch wide and 0.687 inches tall.
  • Imply That the EPA Endorses Your Organization. Although the EPA does approve of your lead-safe policies as a condition of allowing you to use the logo, this approval does not mean that it agrees with every aspect of your firm, and it does not want you to use its logo in any way that may cause your customers to believe that it does.
  • Allow Unapproved Firms to Use the Logo. Your approval to use the EPA Lead-Safe Certification logo is based on your evaluation, and you are not allowed to share it with anyone else. Other firms that are properly approved will have their own access to the logo and do not need it from you, and firms that ask to use yours instead of going through the proper channels likely do not meet the requirements to be approved by the EPA.

How Can Your Marketing Agency Use the EPA Lead-Safe Certified Logo?

Your marketing agency can use the EPA Lead-Safe Certification logo in a wide range of ways once you have been approved to do so. The EPA will send you a copy of the logo once you have completed the certification process and are allowed to use it, as well as a comprehensive list of guidelines to follow to ensure that your use of the logo is honest and represents both your firm and the EPA in the best possible light. No matter where you choose to put your logo, remember what it represents and be willing to answer your customers’ questions about how this certification sets you apart.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Logo

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If you are interested in learning more about how you can make sure your firm adheres to guidelines surrounding how to minimize and regulate the use of lead paint and what the best alternatives to lead paint that are available to you are, ZOTA Pro is here to help. We are proud to assist businesses in Brooklyn Center and surrounding areas move toward more environmentally friendly alternatives to lead-based paint that provide high quality and are better for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about the process for obtaining EPA Lead-Safe certification, tips for using your logo properly, and how we can help you along the way.