In-Person or Online: The Best Course of Action to Become EPA Certified

Do you need an EPA certification for the job you already have? Are you looking for a way to advance your career? 

There are two different ways to complete a lead certification course, online and in-person. But what are the differences, and which one is better for you? Why do you need the certification, to begin with? We’ll break down everything you need to know in this comprehensive guide; just keep reading!

Why Become EPA Certified?

The US Congress passed a litany of laws regarding lead safety. These laws lay out the requirements for using and working with lead. They also explain how the United States government enforces these standards.

Those laws are the basis for all the lead certifications available today. These certifications teach the requirements needed to work with lead or lead-based hazards safely. The EPA has established courses and certifications for it all, from comprehensive protocols for proper lead abatement to proper site surveying techniques.

Many companies will only hire employees with appropriate certifications, so having the right ones can open up new opportunities. These jobs typically pay more than those that don’t require the certifications.

Furthermore, many companies will pay employees with additional certifications more than their uncertified counterparts. With a lead safety certification, you will:

  • Learn how to work with lead products safely
  • Open up new employment opportunities
  • Learn how to identify lead-based hazards in your own home
  • Land higher-paying jobs
  • Keep you in compliance with US laws

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online EPA Lead Certification Courses

Some people prefer the convenience that online courses offer, while others prefer in-person. When it comes to online EPA lead certification courses, there are clear-cut advantages and disadvantages, no matter your perspective.

The most significant advantage of online courses is that they are available everywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. Additionally, lots of online courses will let you work at your own pace, and you can take the time to focus on areas you are less familiar with. Some struggle with the discipline it takes to complete online courses.

Some courses aren’t available online or require that you take your certification test at a proctored testing center. While there are certified testing centers all over the country, this can be a little unnerving after you’ve completed the entire course online.


  • Take the course from your home
  • Sometimes work at your own pace
  • Take more time on problem-areas
  • Fit the course into your schedule


  • You might have to find a testing center
  • Online learning requires more self-discipline
  • Reliable internet connection required
  • Not all courses are available online

Advantages and Disadvantages of In-Person EPA Lead Certification Courses

Online courses aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. There are plenty of advantages of in-person courses.

In-person courses give you access to an instructor that can provide extra help and clarity. You’ll also take your certification test in the same place you took your course, giving you one less thing to worry about when it comes time to take the test.

There are two distinct disadvantages to taking an in-person course. First, you have to find a course close to you. Second, even if you’re ready to move on to the next section, you’re stuck at the class’s pace.


  • An in-person instructor can help you with problem areas
  • All testing and learning occur at the same place
  • Some people learn better in person


  • You have to find a course close to you
  • You work at the pace of the class

Study Tips for EPA Certification Classes

Before you take an EPA certification class, make sure you have everything you need to pass. The best thing you can do is establish a solid routine and follow a few tips and tricks. Below we’ve highlighted three additional strategies to help you succeed.

Establish a Routine and Good Study Habits

The course doesn’t end as soon as you step out of the classroom. You need to take the time to review the materials you learned each day.

Dedicating time to review the material is a great way to ensure that you don’t slip up and miss that much-needed study time. Flashcards, pneumonic devices, and simple repetition are great tips you can use to master the material.

Find and Use a Study Guide

While it might be a little extra work, you can find an EPA certification study guide online. These study guides will walk you through the essential information you learned in class and help you prepare for the final test.

If you already know a little bit about lead safety and environmental regulations, you can get a study guide before starting the course. Review the material before class even begins, and you can focus on mastering trickier content instead of the beginner content.

Take a Practice Test

Practice makes perfect, right? There are tons of advantages to taking an EPA certification practice test. Even if you know all the information, a practice test reduces the amount of stress you’ll feel when you take the real one.

If you’ve already done it once and passed, you’ll already be familiar with the format of the test. It’s easier to sit down and take the real test with the confidence of having already passed. 

Taking practice tests will help you identify concepts that you might need to spend a little extra time studying. If you keep missing the same questions on the practice test, you know what to review.

Earn Your EPA Certification Card Today

In the end, whether you take in-person or online courses, all that matters is that you’ve earned your EPA certification card. Take time to find the EPA lead certification course you need, then find a way to sign up and get it done.
If you’re still struggling with where to begin, check out this comprehensive list of lead paint certification types, then enroll in the course that best suits you.