5 Reasons to Get OSHA Compliance Training

If you are an employee in almost any industry, from construction and building to office work, there are some major benefits to getting OSHA Compliance Training, otherwise known as becoming OSHA authorized, that extend to both you and your employer. These benefits have been in place for decades, many since the original Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSH Act) was passed in 1970, and should still be taken advantage of today.

The OSH Act created the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), a federal committee who decides the safety standards for industries based on rigorous research and enforces these workplace standards on companies in the United States. Since their formation, OSHA has created incentives and set a variety of standards that are all designed to create a safe and injury-free working environment for United States citizens.

Employees of almost every industry can benefit from OSHA compliance training, including those in construction, those who use hazardous waste products, or anyone who is concerned is asbestos, confined spaces, protective equipment and more. No matter what your field, some benefits apply to every person who completes their training.

#1 Improve Your Resume

Once you complete your training, it is time to update your resume (or LinkedIn, or other social media page) right away to showcase your skills.

If you are not employed, this is a quick way to let potential employers know more ways you would be a benefit to their business. If you are employed, take the moment to shout out some excellent PR about your company, and how they care about their employees.

#2 Added Work Opportunities

For employees with ambition, becoming OSHA authorized often leads to them joining different work committees and making real, positive changes to their own company. Most states require companies to have a safety group or committee to review all the local safety practices and ensure everyone is educated on the best way follow through on them.

By immediately making your OSHA training useful and joining one of these committees, you are making yourself a valued and valuable member of your company team.

#3 Get New or Preferred Employment

Maybe you are unemployed and seeking to get an edge over the application pool’s competition. Maybe you are employed but feel as though you have hit a ceiling or are stuck in a career rut, and hoping for a way to get out of the same old job.

Either way, getting OSHA authorized may be the difference in you getting a new job, or promoted to an advanced position, that will do more than increase your pay, but also increase your job satisfaction.

#4 Share Discounts with Your Employer

This reason applies particularly to employers or individuals who are already employed. If you know your company needs safety training, but you are not sure about the best way to assign this task to employees, leaving the decisions up to each person can keep you from raking in some pretty incredible bulk discounts that are available.

These discounts can be useful no matter who ultimately foots the bill of training, and every one benefits. The employees can improve their resume and get better training, while the company has skilled, efficient, and above all, safe workers who understand the risks and correct safety procedures for their jobs.

#5 A Safe Work Environment

Last, but certainly not least, completing the OSHA Certified Training can lead you to building an environment at work where you—and all the other employees—are physically safer and practice awareness about dangers at work. In short, this training will provide your employees with strong morale and increased employee retention due to a healthful and safe environment for everybody.

In fact, when a company takes on OSHA compliance as a practice, they see a dramatic decline in all work-related injuries and even illnesses that may occur, which ultimately improves efficiency and work ethic completed by the employees.

Reap the Benefits of OSHA Authorization

No matter how you look at it, there are some serious benefits to acquiring OSHA authorization that lasts your career and your company for years, especially since many forms of training do not have an expiration date.


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