Easy Ways To Prevent Lead Poisoning

We should all be aware of the potential dangers of lead poisoning. It’s a common hazard that can cause serious health problems. At the same time, we should all know what we can do to reduce our risk of lead poisoning. It’s a lot easier than most people realize. Here are a few easy ways that we can all prevent lead poisoning.

Take Your Shoes Off

Most people wait until they come inside to take their shoes off, but this can be a mistake. Walking through your house without taking your shoes off first can be even worse. It’s actually best to take off your shoes outside furniture and other surfaces.

Be Careful During Renovations

When renovating an older house (one built before 1978), you must be cognizant of increased exposure to lead. If any painted surface is cracked, chipped, or begins peeling during renovations, it’ll put you at an increased other areas or other people. Any painted surface should be moistened before you start working as a way to prevent dust and other debris that could contain lead from entering unsafe amount of lead present.

If you’re not sure about the lead in your water or know for sure that you have an unsafe amount, always use cold water harmful amount of lead.

Steer Clear of Ceramics

Eating off ceramic plates can be a mistake, no matter how beautiful or colorful they may be. Pottery often contains lead that can find its way into your food and beverages, making it easy for you to ingest lead if you when it comes to lead.

Proper Diet

Eating a healthy diet is something you should be doing anyway, but it’s also important for prevented lead poisoning. Foods that are high in calcium, zinc, and iron can help your body to reduce the amount of rate at which they absorb lead. It’s also imperative that children wash their hands before meals, even snacks. You don’t want anything they’ve been playing with to contaminate the food they eat.