Things to Know About Lead Recertification and Refresher Courses

lead abatement refresher certification

Approximately three quarters of American households still contain lead, even though lead paint was banned in 1978.This is why lead inspection and abatement is so important, even today.

While all RRP and lead-based paint abatement companies require their employees to complete EPA lead certification courses, these certifications don’t last forever. As lead becomes increasingly problematic in many areas of the country, like Flint, MI, employees should keep lead knowledge fresh in their minds. RRP or lead abatement refresher certification is required before a person’s current certification expires.

Here are some things to know if your certification’s expiration date is coming:

  1. Lead abatement refresher certification applications must be submitted to the EPA no later than 90 days before the current certifications’ expiration. Submitting the form any later will pose the risk of your recertification being denied or delayed.
  2. Workers must complete EPA lead certification refresher courses before submitting the application for recertification. Workers should look for available refresher courses well in advance. These courses are often mentioned by employers to ensure that their employees meet industry standards.EPA recommends that workers should not complete refresher courses earlier than 18 months before a certification’s expiration to make sure that the training remains fresh in the worker’s memory. A worker does not have to worry about losing time off of a current certification by taking a refresher course early. The new certification issued by the EPA will begin on the date of the former certification’s expiration date, and remain valid until three years from that date.
  3. If the application process is not completed in time, the worker is not qualified for recertification. Instead of taking the refresher course, they must retake a lead renovator certification initial course by an accredited party. As long as a worker does not hold a valid certification, they are not allowed to participate in lead-based paint renovations or other related activities.Lead abatement refresher certification applications can be submitted online. The following items must be attached to the submission:
  • PDF copy of course completion certificate
  • Passport photograph
  • Form of payment
  • Refresher training courses are required for each discipline in which the worker is certified, and each course must be accredited by the EPA or an EPA-authorized program.

Online refresher courses are available through ZOTA Professional Training, making reapplication for certification easy, fast, and efficient for workers who may otherwise not have access to a local course. With ZOTA’s online option, a worker can obtain their recertification and reapply quickly, even in the same day.

ZOTA Professional Training also offers four-hour-long in-person refresher courses.