Update from the Minnesota Department of Health

July 27, 2015

Did you know that the Minnesota Department of Health recently announced their intention to adopt the federal Renovation, Repair, and Painting program at the state level, just like neighbors Iowa and Wisconsin? Just last Friday, the following message was sent out to MDH email subscribers. Find out more about the Minnesota Department of Health and lead-safe practices here. Stay current with your certification: search our available Lead Renovator courses! Read the whole update below:
Beginning August 1, 2015, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) will begin the informal and formal rulemaking process for adoption of the Federal Renovation, Repair, and Painting/Pre-Renovation Education regulations (RRP/PRE). Governor Dayton signed the 2015 Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill on May 22, 2015 which gave MDH authorization to go into rulemaking. We do not anticipate a lengthy period of time to craft the new rule, perhaps as little as six months.
Our goal is to have a new rule, assuming all goes smoothly and there are no requests for a formal hearing on the new rule, and an approved RRP/PRE program up and running by July 1, 2016. Note that MDH is required to apply for authorization with the Environmental Protection Agency as part of this rulemaking process.
We will keep you posted with developments and updates as they crop up.  Feel free to share this information with interested folks or entities.
The Asbestos-Lead Compliance Unit