ZOTApro is Partnering with Ascent Safety Solutions to Offer Accredited Lead Courses in Cincinnati

February 15, 2018

ZOTA Professional Training is proud to have a network of fully-accredited and highly-experienced training providers across the country. We are showcasing the companies that make providing the highest quality courses to you possible, continuing with Ascent Safety Solutions, whose courses are available in our listings now.

Ascent Safety Solutions, LLC offers Lead Renovator Certification in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Environmental Protection Agency Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule states that if you are paid to perform renovation, repair, or painting work in houses built before 1978, you must be trained to do so. The local and state regulatory agencies require EPA lead certification to work on projects that may have lead paint. There are several lead paint certification courses that you can attend to receive your EPA lead certification, including initial and refresher courses. Ascent Safety Solutions’ next Lead Renovator Initial course is on April 2 and next Lead Renovator Refresher course is on April 11.

Ascent Safety Solutions:

Ascent Safety Solutions is devoted to identifying injury trends and developing a plan to drastically reduce the frequency of claims within your organization. Jessica Esterkamp founded Ascent with the goal of reducing workplace risk through a holistic approach. Her approach emphasizes preventing claims from happening and minimizing them when they do occur. Beyond handling claims, Ascent puts a focus on its learning center, which includes online trainings as well as lead renovator certification classes. If you are interested in pursuing a healthier and happier workplace for your employees—you have come to the right place. Together we can improve lives and reduce claims cost at the same time.

About ZOTA Professional Training:

ZOTA Professional Training was founded in 2004 to provide compliance and training services to organizations of all sizes. Today ZOTApro is a family business with 3 full-time employees and a network of instructors providing training across the United States. We at ZOTApro strive to be the industry leader in providing professional accreditation to the workforce of the United States.