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Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put out lead paint regulations for homes and buildings that were built prior to 1978. Prior to 1978, contractors would often use lead-based paints because the dangers weren’t known. 

Once scientists realized the short and long-term damage lead-based paints can cause for adults and especially children, they fell out of use. However, many of the buildings built around the time still have lead-based paint on the walls. 

If a company or individual wants to perform a renovation, repair, or painting (RRP) project, there is a chance that the lead-based paint may be disturbed. This can harm the environment and individuals on-site. For this reason, the EPA put out the Lead RRP rule, which requires companies and individuals to be certified before working on homes, child care facilities and preschools. With lead certification courses from ZotaPro, you can take the first step towards renovating pre-1978 buildings. 

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Brooklyn Park, Minnesota RRP Rule Enforcement

The EPA’s RRP rule has been in place since April 22nd, 2010. Minnesota expects all individual contractors and companies to follow this rule along with the rules outlined in the Minnesota Legislature. You can find a list of applicable state laws on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

Enforcers in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

The RRP rule is strictly enforced in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Those who violate the rule can expect to pay fines up to $37,500 per infraction. Obtaining a Brooklyn Park, Minnesota lead certification will help you avoid these costly fines so you can carry on with your renovation, repair, or painting projects in pre-1978 buildings. 

No Proof of Lead Certification Means No Building Permit

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry requires all contractors to show proof of lead certification before they can obtain a building permit. When you take a lead certification course from Zota Professional Training, the digital certificate you receive upon completion serves as your proof to obtain the necessary permits.

Lead Renovators Can’t Perform Paint Chip Sampling

While a Brooklyn Park, Minnesota lead certification allows lead renovators to complete projects in pre-1978 buildings, they won’t be able to perform chip sampling. A lead-based paint inspector must complete the sampling for the safety of everyone involved.

Complying with Brooklyn Park, Minnesota’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Both individuals and companies must obtain lead certification before working on RRP projects in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The requirements for each are different. 

Steps to Lead Certification in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

There are a few steps both companies and individuals must take in order to get certified and keep their certification valid: 


  1. Complete an EPA-approved lead training course. Approved courses must be 8 hours long and have a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on training (though some classroom-only options are available). Classes are generally between $215-255 depending on where the class is held, and this price includes everything you need to complete the coursework and obtain a certification at the end. You’ll receive a digital and a paper copy of the certificate as proof of completion. 
  2. Keep a copy of your certificate on-hand. Without proof of being lead-certified, municipal governments can’t legally allow you to obtain a permit. You should also have the certificate with you on-site in case proof of your certification is requested. 
  3. Renew your certificate every five years if you had the hands-on training or every three years if you had the classroom-only training. The easiest way to renew your certificate is with a refresher course


  1. Company certificates are obtained directly through the EPA website. Simply fill out the online application, then wait a couple of weeks to obtain the digital certificate. 
  2. Keep a copy of the certificate on-site to prove that your team is certified. 
  3. Renew your certification online using the same application form. Company certificates need to be renewed every 5 years. 

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Helpful Links for Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Regulation Companies

Staying updated on the relevant rules surrounding lead is vital for remaining compliant and avoiding fines. Before taking on a renovation project for a pre-1978 building, make sure to research the latest EPA and state regulations using the links below. 

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