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Why Do You Need Lead Certification in Bloomington, Minnesota?

Homes built before 1978 were found to have higher rates of lead exposure and poisoning. The lead RRP regulations were established in 1978 to protect Minnesota’s citizens against lead poisoning hazards. This means every contractor or renovator in Bloomington, Minnesota has to show proof of lead certification to ensure the necessary measures are undertaken to safeguard workers and residents from lead poisoning.

Any company performing activities such as paint abatement, interim controls, lead hazard screens, clearance inspections, lead inspections, lead sampling, lead risk assessments, and swab team services in residential buildings, schools, child-occupied institutions, or play areas is required to have lead RRP certification.

All renovation firms are required by federal and state law to adhere to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead Renovation and Painting (RRP) Rule. The RRP rules aim to protect contractors, building employees, and clients from the health hazards of lead exposure. EPA’s Lead Renovation and Painting Certification is required in all states, tribes, and territories.

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Bloomington, Minnesota RRP Rule Enforcement

Just how serious is the EPA’s RRP certification regulation? Does the state government enforce the lead paint law? Yes! The EPA enforces the rule by requiring all companies carrying out renovations, repairs, and painting services to have EPA’s RRP certification before beginning any project.

Your firm could miss out on project bids or get denied access to building permits for lack of a lead certification. Firms also face a fine of up to $37,500 if they offer such services without the appropriate certification.

Enforcers in Bloomington, Minnesota

In Bloomington, Minnesota, the EPA regulates the certification and enforces the laws. While local authorities have no jurisdiction in enforcing the RRP rules, municipality officials perform regular checks on Bloomington renovator firms. Companies and individual contractors in Bloomington, Minnesota are encouraged to learn, adhere to, and stay updated with amendments to the lead RRP laws.

No Building Permit With No Proof of Lead Certification

All contractors and renovation companies in Bloomington, Minnesota must have RRP certification to get a building permit. Municipality authorities must verify your certification credential before issuing a building permit to your firm.

Lead Renovators May Not Provide Chip Sampling Services

The lead RRP regulations do not allow Lead operators to independently work on renovation projects in Minnesota. They must be accompanied by a risk assessor or a lead-based paint inspector to sample the products used during repair and renovation. The Minnesota Health Department established the rule to safeguard the contractor and residents of buildings in the state.

Complying With Bloomington, Minnesota’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Sole proprietor contractors and companies are required to have lead certification to begin working on building and renovation projects in Bloomington, Minnesota. However, individuals have different steps for certification from companies.

Steps to Lead Certification in Bloomington, Minnesota


  1. Apply for an initial certification course. Most initial lead certification courses are available online, but some courses will necessitate your presence.
  2. Complete a lead training course. Fortunately, the course is only eight hours long. However, it is EPA-approved, with each initial course providing hands-on training on the necessary steps and precautions and providing all the required learning materials. 
  3. Receive your lead certificate from the EPA. Make sure you store the certificate in a safe but easily accessible location.
  4. Carry the digital certificate with you whenever you are applying for building permits. While some projects may not necessitate a lead certificate, it is wise to be prepared to produce it whenever required.


  1. Log onto the EPA website and submit a lead certification Firm Application. Within 90 days of your application, the Environmental Protection Agency will respond to your application, requesting the necessary information for your firm’s lead certification.
  2. The EPA will assess your application and approve or disapprove it. If your application is approved, you will receive your firm’s certificate.
  3. Keep your company’s certificate in a safe but easy-to-access location. You might be required to produce the certification promptly whenever proof of lead certification is requested to allow your firm to bid for renovation or repair projects within Minnesota.
  4. You can now freely bid for building, renovation, and repair projects in and around Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Every renovation company working in Bloomington, Minnesota must have evidence of lead certification. Even then, you need to stay ahead of the latest changes in EPA guidelines to ensure you don’t fall foul of regulations. These helpful resources 

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