Kansas City Lead Certification – EPA Renovator

Kansas City Lead Certification - EPA Renovator

Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

For centuries, lead was utilized as a versatile element in many products such as paint, utensils, and sweetening agents until the discovery of toxic traits, even in small amounts. In 1978, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began issuing laws and policies to assist in regulating lead use in America, including lead certification in Kansas City, Missouri. 

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Kansas City RRP Rule Enforcement

Each state has its own Lead Paint Regulations. Some states follow the EPA RRP Rule, while others have created their version based on it. Missouri follows regular EPA standards and enforces all contractors, property managers, and others who renovate properties to comply with the Lead RRP Regulations and obtain lead certification in Kansas City, Missouri.

Enforcers in Kansas City

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces the RRP Rule in Kansas City, Missouri. This rule, called the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, is a law that focuses on safe lead work practices in all houses and facilities occupied by children (schools, daycares, etc.) built before 1978. Anyone working in Missouri is required to follow federal law.

No Kansas City Lead Certification Proof Means No Building Permit

Contractors cannot obtain a building permit if they cannot prove lead certification in Kansas City, Missouri. All municipalities must check certification documents before issuing building permits per the Missouri Department of Labor and Industry. A building permit can only be issued once certification is shown.

Kansas City Lead Renovators May Not Perform Chip Sampling

To ensure the safety of contractors, the Missouri Department of Health does not allow lead renovators to perform paint chip sampling on their own when working on renovation projects in Kansas City. Chip sampling is destructive due to the release of lead dust. A trained risk assessor or lead-based paint inspector must carry out any chip sampling.

Complying with Kansas City’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Complying with Kansas City’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

To work on projects in the Kansas City area, contractors must obtain two certificates. These certificates are only valid for five years, so it’s required to renew them regularly to continue working. Both companies and individual contractors must be lead paint trained to work and have lead certification in Kansas City, Missouri.

Steps for Kansas City Certification


  1. Kansas City requires individual contractors seeking lead certification to register for an eight-hour-long course. There are different options for the course, and they are flexible as they’re offered at different times, dates, and locations each week. In this course, you will receive the required materials for certification, including a student manual, supplies, and hands-on training. Kansas City individual contractors should expect to spend about $260 on classes.
  2. Individuals must then attend and complete the course for which they registered. The course will consist of training, exercises, and a short exam. As long as contractors actively participate in the class, the exam is easy.
  3. Once you pass the exam, you’ll receive your lead renovator certificate. This certificate will contain your name, address, and photo. 
  4. As an individual contractor, you should always keep a copy of the lead certification for Kansas City, Missouri on hand. You may need to show it during an audit.


  1. A company will apply to the EPA. This application is a quick process where you’ll need to fill out company information, acknowledge an understanding of the RRP Rule, and confirm that only properly trained employees will work on older properties covered by the rule.
  2. The EPA will send your Firm Certificate after fully reviewing your application, which can take up to 90 days. Once you receive your certificate, you may do lead renovation work.
  3. Always keep a copy of your certificate at every job site. 
  4. Always comply with the law and confirm every employee is properly trained.

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Helpful Links for Kansas City Regulation Companies

Helpful Links for Kansas City Regulation Companies

Contractors with lead certification in Kansas City, Missouri must work safely. Lead poisoning is serious and has adverse effects. Lead poisoning can cause developmental delay, learning difficulty, and seizures in children. Similarly, adults can suffer from high blood pressure, difficulty with memory and concentration, and fertility issues.

Below, we provided a list of helpful links to ensure contractors are safe and always up to date with rules and regulations in Missouri. These links include information such as how to test for lead poisoning, where lead-poisoned children can receive cleaning kits, and who to contact if you suspect lead poisoning

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