Minneapolis Lead Certification – EPA Renovator

Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

In 1978, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put a set of rules and regulations into place to help regulate and protect citizens from lead and lead exposure in their homes by creating a safe, happy environment. Homes constructed before 1978 usually have a higher rate of lead exposure and poisoning. In order to best protect the citizens of Minneapolis, contractors are required by law to undergo a lead certification process, and follow appropriate Lead RRP Regulations when working to ensure safety for all. This includes:

  • Renovations
  • Repair
  • Painting

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Minneapolis RRP Rule Enforcement

Since April 22, 2010 the RRP Rule has been in effect by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Today, many states have adopted this rule to include Minneapolis, Minnesota. The EPA continues to enforce this rule in states that have not enforced it on their own.

Enforcers in Minneapolis

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the EPA is responsible for enforcing the rule. Because of this, residents are encouraged to learn more about the RRP Rule and stay up-to-date with changes.

No Proof of Lead Certification Means No Building Permit

Minneapolis contractors are unable to achieve a building permit if lead certification cannot be proven. All municipalities are required to check certification documents before issuing any building permits per the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. A building permit can only be issued once certification is shown.

Lead Renovators May Not Perform Chip Sampling

In an act to ensure the safety of Minneapolis contractors, the Minnesota Department of Health does not allow lead renovators to perform paint chip sampling on their own when working on Minneapolis renovation projects. Instead, the paint chip sampling must be collected and handled by a trained risk assessor or lead based paint inspector.

Complying with Minnesota’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Minneapolis, Minnesota requires that both individuals and companies become lead certified should they wish to work on projects in the Twin Cities area. However, certification steps vary for each party. Let’s take a look below:

Steps for Minneapolis Certification


  1. As an individual Minneapolis contractor seeking lead certification, you must attend and complete an eight hour, EPA-approved Lead Training Course. Within this course you will receive all necessary materials and hands-on training required for certification. The average cost of the course is $200, and a variety of dates and times are available to meet individual needs.
  2. After successfully completing the eight hour, EPA-approved Lead Training Course, you will gain eligibility as a Lead Certification Renovator.
  3. You will receive two copies of your lead certificate; one print and one digital. Each will have your unique identification number. This allows for organized, paperless record keeping.
  4. It is recommended to keep a copy of your lead certificate on hand and readily available as this will streamline the request process for building permits and any additional permit needs.


  1. As a Minneapolis company pursuing lead certification, you must contact the EPA for guidance regarding the application process and to submit a valid application.
  2. Once you have completed your application, it’s time to submit it to the EPA. The EPA requires that Minneapolis companies are not only registered with the EPA, but are also certified to work in the Twin Cities for the duration of valid certification.
  3. Shortly after submitting your application, your company will receive a copy of the certificate.
  4. It is recommended that companies keep a copy of the lead certificate on the job site at all times as this will ensure it is readily available should it need to be shown for proof in a variety of circumstances. If the company does not have the certificate on hand, the project may be impeded.

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Helpful Links for Minneapolis Regulation Companies

Minneapolis contractors who complete lead-related work are encouraged to utilize these helpful links to stay up-to-date with changing rules and regulations. Each link pertains to Lead Programs offered in the state of Minnesota, lead poisoning prevention, and removing lead based paint to mitigate hazards. At times, local jurisdictions have separate lead requirements, meaning it’s vital that you remain informed if working in these areas. Remember to check the regulations in each area work is being completed before getting started on your project.

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