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Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification

In the state of New York, renovators are required to be trained and certified by one of the EPA’s approved training providers to comply with lead-safe practices. The renovation, repair, and paint (RRP) law created by the EPA, regulates any projects that have a potential for lead exposure. The EPA’s New York lead certification program provides informational services regarding EPA Lead Paint regulations unique to the State of New York. Projects being performed in the following places must follow lead-safe work practices to lower the likelihood of disturbing lead-based paint:

  • Homes
  • Child care facilities
  • Pre-schools

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New York City RRP Rule Enforcement

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) RRP Rule has been in effect since April 22, 2010. Many locations throughout the United States have adopted this rule to include New York City, New York. In states that haven’t chosen to enforce it on their own, the EPA continues to enforce it.

Enforcers in New York City

In New York City, New York, the EPA enforces this rule and encourages residents to not only learn more about the RRP Rule, but also remain aware of changes and updates. Contractors and homeowners alike are required to fulfill requirements for both the EPA’s RRP Rule and the Local Law 1 renovation act.

No New York City Lead Certification Proof Means No Building Permit

New York City contractors won’t be able to obtain a building permit if there is no proof of lead certification. In accordance with the New York Department of Health’s requirements, all municipalities must check and verify certification documents prior to issuing a building permit.

New York City Lead Renovators May Not Perform Chip Sampling

In order to help guarantee the safety of New York City contractors, the New York Department of Health stresses the importance behind lead renovators not performing paint chip sampling on their own during a New York City renovation project. Instead, it’s encouraged to contact a trained New York City risk assessor or lead-based paint inspector to complete the test.

Complying with New York’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Complying with New York’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Both individuals and companies in New York City, New York are required to become lead certified if they will be working on projects in the area. Certification steps for each party may vary, so we encourage you to become familiar with each process outlined below.

Steps for New York City Certification


  1. New York City requires individual contractors who are seeking lead certification to attend and complete an EPA-approved Lead Training course that is 8 hours in length. After signing up for the course, all required materials and hands-on training for certification will be provided. New York City individual contractors can expect to spend an average of $200, and can choose from an assortment of schedule-friendly dates and times.
  2. Once the EPA-approved Lead Training Course has been completed by a New York City individual contractor, eligibility is gained as a Lead Certification Renovator.
  3. As a New York City individual contractor, you can expect to receive two copies of your lead certificate after course completion. Both print and digital copies will have a unique identification number to allow for organized, paperless record keeping.
  4. All New York City individual contractors who complete the EPA-approved Lead Training Course are encouraged to keep a copy of the lead certificate on hand and available, so you’re adequately prepared for the building permit request process and any additional needs.


  1. All New York City companies pursuing lead certification are encouraged to contact the EPA for more information about the application and submission processes.
  2. After the application has been completed in full, it can be submitted to the EPA. All New York City companies are required to be registered with the EPA and certified to work in the New York City area for the valid certification time frame.
  3. Once your New York City company’s application has been processed, a copy of the certificate will be delivered to your place of business.
  4. A copy of your New York City lead certification must be kept on the job site at all times to allow for a smooth transition if it needs to be shown for proof. If your company does not have the certificate on site, the risk of the project being impeded is high.

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Helpful Links for New York City Regulation Companies

Helpful Links for New York City Regulation Companies

If you are a New York City contractor conducting lead-related work, we have compiled a few sources that could be helpful. Each of these resources will help ensure you remain in compliance with the EPA’s expectations when it comes to New York City renovation, repair, and painting projects. However, larger municipalities outside of the New York metropolitan area may have lead requirements specific to their local jurisdiction. It is recommended to check area-specific requirements before starting a project. If not, you could be putting yourself at risk of fines or loss of business.

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