Orlando, Florida Lead Certification

Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

As a renovation contractor in Orlando, Florida, you must have a lead paint certification. You can’t tackle projects involving lead paint without it. Since homes built before 1978 have a high risk of lead paint contaminants, you’d cut off a significant portion of your business without this certification.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees many renovation certifications because builders have used harmful materials in the past, such as asbestos insulation and lead paint that now must be removed.

To safely renovate older properties containing these substances, you need an EPA renovator lead certification and other local permits to ensure a safe job site for all the workers involved.

Contractors who don’t have lead certification can’t legally work on renovations involving lead paint. The EPA will fine you if you’re caught on the job site disturbing lead paint and improperly handling the dust. You’re endangering others, so you’ll have to pay a fine and possibly face jail time.

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Orlando RRP Rule Enforcement

The Environmental Protection Agency created the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule to keep job sites and home environments safer overall. The RRP Rule became law on April 22, 2010. Some states institute renovation laws on top of EPA enforcement, but Florida hasn’t. All Orlando, Florida contractors need to follow the EPA guidelines.

Enforcers in Orlando

As Florida doesn’t have a state-specific RRP Rule, all renovators must follow the EPA enforcements. Getting your lead certification will teach you everything you need to know about the EPA guidelines and how to follow them legally. You’ll also learn the latest renovations, repairs, and painting standards.

No Orlando Lead Certification Proof Means No Building Permit

As a renovator in Orlando, you should be aware that lead certification proof isn’t just a good idea, it’s legally required and will be verified before the city allows a building permit to be issued. Without an Orlando Lead Certification, you won’t be able to obtain a building permit from Building & Permit services, thus putting your project behind schedule and costing you money. After successful verification of the proof, Orlando’s Building and Development department will be able to issue a permit for the renovations.

Orlando Lead Renovators May Not Perform Chip Sampling

While chip sampling is the best way to ascertain the level of lead in paint, Orlando renovators cannot perform chip sampling independently. The Orlando department of Health requires chip sampling to be done by a trained professional such as a certified paint inspector and brought to an NLLAP accredited laboratory. Allow for additional time in the renovation timeline for the paint to be tested.

Complying with Florida’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Renovation companies need a lead certification for the firm to do business in Florida legally. Each contractor also needs their own lead certification. When both parties have this permit, the company can function without worrying about accruing fines. Both a firm and an individual can get a lead certification in Orlando, the steps of obtaining that certification can vary between the two. To start getting a certification that will allow you to take renovation jobs in Orlando, begin by taking the following actions.

Steps for Minneapolis Certification


  1. Find a lead training course in your area. The course lasts eight hours and costs about $250. The fee includes all the required materials, including an electronic manual you can access anytime you need it.
  2. After completing the training course, you’ll get a paperless completion certificate with your EPA identification number.
  3. This digital renovator certificate, also called a Lead License, shows you’re legally able to work for contractors and have hands-on learning experience. This experience includes eliminating dust accumulation and control, the steps to ensure a safe working environment before, during, and after a job, cleaning where contamination may be present, and the records you must keep for the Environmental Protection Agency.
  4. Keep the certification where you’ll know where it is and show it on the job when asked.


  1. Companies looking to perform renovations in Orlando, Florida, must have a certificate issued by the EPA and have individual contractors who are also certified.
  2. To obtain the necessary firm certificate, fill out a firm application with the EPA. It might take 90 days before they approve your application, but since Florida defaults to EPA guidance, it’s anecessary step.
  3. After successful application, they will issue a firm certificate authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  4. Keep this certificate on file at the office to show proof when bidding for jobs or proving you can safely and legally handle lead paint.

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Helpful Links for Orlando Regulation Companies

In Orlando, Florida, renovation companies need to have their firm lead certification and a certificate on file for each contractor they employ. But it’s also worth keeping up with information regarding the EPA’s guidelines, lead poisoning, and resources to share with homeowners when you get this permit.

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