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Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

Renovation contractors in Las Vegas, Nevada need to hold lead paint certification before taking on projects. Since many buildings built before 1978 featured lead paint, they leave people open to a risk of exposure to contaminants. Without lead certification, you will likely lose out on a lot of business.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides guidance for many of the renovation and contracting certifications since builders often used dangerous materials in the past, like lead paint. These substances must be safely removed.

To safely remove hazardous materials, contractors need to hold lead certification or a similar local permit.

Contractors who don’t possess the appropriate lead certification or permits cannot legally complete renovations that may involve lead paint. If you fail to complete the lead certification process, you could be subject to fines and potential jail time if the EPA catches you.

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Las Vegas RRP Rule Enforcement

The Environmental Protection Agency crafted the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule, which became law in April 2010. This ruling intended to make buildings safer for everyone by requiring contractors to be lead certified before they can obtain building permits. While some states enacted additional laws, Nevada currently requires contractors to follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance.

Enforcers in Las Vegas

Since Las Vegas, Nevada doesn’t have specific rules, those renovators operating within the city’s jurisdiction must follow the EPA’s rules. Obtaining your lead certification is the best way to learn everything you need to know and obtain the proper permits. You’ll also learn about the most recent standards in renovations, repairs, and painting.

No Las Vegas Lead Certification Means No Building Permit

Nevada contractors can only obtain the necessary building permits if they can prove they have current lead certification. Further, the contractor must maintain the lead certification and have a copy on every job site.

Only Lead Certified Renovators Can Handle Chip Samples

Las Vegas RRP certification classes teach contractors how to collect paint chip samples and use the EPA-approved test kits to determine if there is lead involved.

Complying With Las Vegas’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Complying With Las Vegas's EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Following the requirements goes beyond having earned the certification in the past. You must have a permit currently active in Nevada, ensure the job site is up to standard, and have a copy of the certification present at the job site.

Do I Need Lead Certification in Nevada?

The Environmental Protection Agency’s RRP rule dictates that at least one individual on the job site must have passed the required training and hold an active certification in the State of Nevada. They will be responsible for ensuring proper erection of the necessary safety precautions, direct work regularly, training others on the job, and filling in the paperwork.

Lead hazards are particularly common in homes that were constructed before 1978, when lead paint was used across the nation in homes and work buildings. When renovating these walls, you must be careful to contain the lead dust and remove it appropriately to reduce the risk for those on and around the work site.

You will need to become certified if you’re a(n):

  1. Renovator: Must complete the entire 8-hour training course with an accredited program in the State of Nevada, pass the final exam and apply for certification.
  2. Contractor: Must earn their lead certification before being legally allowed to work on houses built before 1978.
  3. Company/Firm: No training is required, but they must submit an application for certification through the EPA website and pay the associated fees for processing the application and receiving the certificate. The company is responsible for ensuring that they hire contractors or renovators with the appropriate certification and training.
  4. Home Owners: The RRP rule required that homeowners should not work on areas of painted surfaces inside that are greater than six square feet or painted surfaces outside larger than twenty square feet. Professionals should work on surfaces larger than this to ensure safe conditions.

How to Become Certified in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, to become lead certified, you must first attend a training course which is run by an accredited provider in the state before you can apply for certification through the EPA website.

The Environmental Protection Agency decides which providers are certified. Be sure to ensure that you are taking an accredited training course to be in compliance and avoid wasting your time and money on an unaccredited course.

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Helpful Links for Compliance in Las Vegas

Because of the severe consequences that accompany non-compliance, you want to avoid breaking RRP rules at all costs. Here are a few resources to help you stay on top of the requirements.

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