Rochester, New York Lead Certification – EPA Renovator

Rochester, New York Lead Certification - EPA Renovator

Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

Working in older buildings can be dangerous, not just because of the structure itself. Construction crews commonly used lead paint on properties built before 1978, which will flake off during renovation and cause health risks to anyone who breathes the air. Earning your lead certification teaches you how to renovate older buildings.

Before getting banned in 1978, people often used lead paint. Peeling lead paint releases lead dust into the air, harming anyone who breathes it. When you work in a building with lead paint, you risk cracking and chipping the paint, releasing lead into the air.

New York State follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines regarding lead certification in buildings constructed before 1978. These structures include homes, preschools, and childcare buildings. Performing renovations on older buildings increases the likelihood of lead exposure, so proper care is crucial.

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Rochester RRP Rule Enforcement

New York state adopted the Renovation, Repair, and Paint (RRP) law in 2010 when the Environmental Protection Agency created it. Some states adhere to their own guidelines, but New York follows the RRP. This process simplifies getting your lead certification because you only need the EPA’s training.

Enforcers in Rochester

Everyone who works in buildings constructed before 1978 needs lead certification. Contractors should have the document ready to show inspectors and homeowners. Even owners making repairs need this certification to keep the property safe.

Rochester Lead Certification Proof Required for Building Permit

Rochester Lead Certification Proof Required for Building Permit

The first step of a construction job is to pull a building permit. In New York, you can’t get a building permit until you show proof of your lead certification. You’ll contact your municipality directly for this process, so have your certification document in hand, ready to show the government.

The New York Department of Health oversees the process, so there’s no way to skip out on showing your certification before starting a job.

Rochester Lead Renovators May Not Sample Chips

After you pull the building permit, contact a Rochester risk assessor or lead-based paint inspector to scout the location. Though you have your lead certification, you can’t sample the paint chips yourself. A third party will conduct the experiment and tell you the results of the potential lead exposure during renovation.

Steps to Lead Certification in Rochester, New York


  1. Whether you plan to work for yourself or a larger firm, you need to have the lead certification to work in Syracuse. Follow these steps to gain this accreditation.
  2. Sign up for the Environmental Protection Agency lead certification course. You can choose from various dates. All courses take eight hours and include all the necessary materials.
  3. Once you complete the course, you earn the Lead Certification Renovator title.
  4. You get one print and one digital copy of your certification. Both have identification numbers that link to your license. Always have a copy of your certificate in case a client or inspector asks to see it when you’re working. As previously noted, you also need to show the document before pulling a building permit. You can take an online version of the lead certification refresher course online without the hands-on portion, but it’s only valid for three years.


  1. You need to directly contact the EPA about firm certification. They give you access to the Firm Application.
  2. Complete and submit the application, then wait for the EPA to process it. Since you contacted them to initiate the process, you shouldn’t have a long wait and can check in with your point of contact for updates.
  3. When you receive a copy of the certificate, you get access to the official logo. Companies with certification can display the EPA’s “Lead-Safe Certified Firm” logo on their website and advertising materials, so potential clients know they adhere to the guidelines.
  4. Always keep a copy of the lead certification on hand to show when you’re on the job site to prevent delays and legal action. You’ll have to show the document to pull a building permit, but homeowners and inspectors might also ask to see it.

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Helpful Links for Rochester, New York Regulation Companies

If you’re a contractor who performs renovations on older homes and buildings, you will likely find the following sources to be helpful. It’s vital that you stay up to date with rule and regulation changes, learn about lead poisoning and its effects, and stay educated on the latest trends for keeping your team safe. Always make sure to check local regulations before starting a project as they may differ.

Helpful Links for Rochester, New York Regulation Companies

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