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Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

Anyone conducting work that could disturb lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes, child care facilities, and schools must be EPA certified. EPA Renovator Lead Certification is required for anyone who disturbs more than 6 square feet of painted surface inside a home built before 1978.

The Certification Process

You can become certified by taking an accredited training course. The cost varies by instructor but is typically around $200. The certification is good for five years. As part of the certification process, you’ll learn about lead-based paint hazards and how to control them during renovation, repair, and painting activities.

You’ll also receive instruction on proper cleaning methods after completing the work. Lead exposure is harmful to your health, so it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions when working in homes that may contain lead-based paint.

The Benefits of Getting Certified

  • Being certified protects workers from exposure to lead. Workers must complete accredited training on lead-safe work practices before beginning any project that could disturb lead-based paint. EPA certification ensures you have the knowledge and training to safely complete your work without putting yourself or others at risk.
  • Avoiding costs of not being certified: Contractors who aren’t certified may face federal fines of up to $37,500 per violation. In addition, many states have certification requirements to bid on projects.
  • Increasing your chances of being hired: Many companies will only hire EPA lead certified contractors. Getting certified can give your business a competitive edge.

With ZOTA Professional Training, your certification will prove that you have the necessary training to minimize lead hazards.

Ready to Get Your Tucson Lead Paint Certification?

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Tucson RRP Rule Enforcement

The city of Tucson complies with the RRP Rule that contractors, companies, homeowners, property managers, and renovators, must be lead certified. Landlords must also provide tenants with information about lead-based paint hazards in the home.

This rule protects residents, especially children, from the harmful effects of lead-based paint exposure. Lead exposure can cause several health problems, including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and even death.

Enforcers in Tucson

The Environmental Protection Agency created the RRP rule, and it became official in 2010 in late April. The EPA administers the lead certification programs in states that have not yet adopted the lead certification rules.

If you lack proof of certification, you won’t be approved for a building permit. This occurrence will prevent you from being able to renovate and paint.

If you violate the EPAs’ rules, the organization will penalize you and your company on both the state and federal levels. This penalization may result in job loss, fines, etc.

Complying With Tucson’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Arizona’s RRP rules require you to obtain lead certification If you’re planning on doing any renovations or building work.  Although it may seem like a hassle, this process keeps the people of Tucson, Arizona safe.

Arizona requires you to take the accredited courses necessary to ensure you receive your lead certification. The classes will help you maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Fortunately, it only takes a few simple steps.

Steps to Lead Certification in Tucson, Arizona

  1.  Search the EPA’s website for the appropriate forms. Download, fill out, and submit the lead certification application with the fee.
  2. Complete the required EPA-certified training program for your lead certification.
  3. Pass the examination.
  4. Apply for certification through the EPA’s website and pay the associated fee. You may need to include a copy of your state-issued ID.
  5. Receive your certification and carry it with you to all jobs. The EPA will list you on the website as being certified.
  6. Maintain certification by recertifying as required. You usually need to recertify every five years.

Those contractors who work in more than one state should consider the federal EPA certification. Additionally, other states may have different requirements for working with lead-based materials and substances.

Don’t Risk Fines – Get Your Lead Paint Certification Now!

Helpful Links for Tucson Regulation Companies

The Environmental Protection Agency’s “Renovate Right” campaign urges homeowners and contractors to be aware of lead-based paint hazards during renovation, repair, and painting projects. By following the required work practices, contractors can help protect workers and occupants from exposure to lead while also avoiding costly fines.

If you’re planning a home renovation project, make sure to hire someone who is lead certified. By doing so, you can help protect yourself and your family from lead exposure. Here are some of the best resources to get you familiar with lead pollution and the regulations put in place to prevent it:

Still Have Questions About Tucson Lead Certification?

Still Have Questions About Tucson Lead Certification?