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Lead Certification Florida provides EPA Lead Paint Regulation information and resources.Lead Certification Florida - EPA Renovator Classes  The Environmental Protection Agency RRP Rule was developed to help promote a cleaner job site and an overall safer environment for all people involved. Renovation contractors and all others working in Florida are required to be lead paint certified before they can start a job covered by the rule. Homes and other types of residential properties constructed before 1978 are at a high risk of exposing people, especially kids to elevated levels of lead paint dust. That is why the EPA developed the rule. They want to control the spread of contaminated dust on renovation projects. Florida remodelers and contractors doing work on these older homes must follow lead safe work procedures and be certified. This including specialty contractors, property managers and all others working for compensation. The Renovation, Repair, and Painting requirements are included in these guidelines.

Lead Certification Florida has provided the following information to be used as a supplemental resource for any contractor trying to become certified as a EPA Lead Renovator. Several different local and state regulations are discussed along with the federal and must be followed. There may be some differences in requirements established between these different agencies. Please make sure to review city, county and state information to understand the rules. Please note that the list below is not fully comprehensive. It details some of the agencies that have lead laws, but it does not provide all agencies. Before starting any new lead project, it is critical to contact the governing agency to understand which requirements apply to your job. Failure to comply with all requirements, intentional or not, can end up in fines up to $37,500 and potentially loss of business.

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Lead Paint Certification Initial

Ready to begin work as an EPA Accredited Lead Renovator? Find an Initial Class designed for entry into the field of work. These classes provide detailed instruction and excellent hands-on experience. All supplies and materials needed to pass the course and become certified are provided for you. You simply show up and get your EPA Lead Certificate in only 8 hours!

Already certified and need to renew? Attend a locally provided Refresher Courses before your initial cert expires. The EPA requires you to attend an initial course if your certification is no longer valid.

Florida RRP Rule Compliance

The Environmental Protection Agency’s RRP Rule was made into law on April 22, 2010. The EPA with the help of HUD was responsible for the rule development and implementation of standards. There have been several states to adopt the rule as their own. Most other states have chose not to and allow the EPA to do all enforcement within their state. Florida currently has not adopted the rule. Contractor compliance is still under EPA control.

Florida Enforcement

At present time, the Environmental Protection Agency is in charge of enforcing the rule. You can visit the EPA website to get current information and updates. They also have an EPA Questions section to help you understand some of the most common questions.

Complying with EPA Lead Certification Florida Requirements

You are required to have 2 different certifications to do lead renovation work. All companies must have individual and firm certification. Both are necessary to perform work on these types of projects in the state of Florida. There are different steps for certification for each.

Steps for Florida Renovator Certification:


  1. Attend a Lead Training Course in your desired location. The course is required to be 8-hours long, and approved by the EPA. The Initial Course provides valuable hands-on skill sets and includes all required materials. There are many different dates and times available to help make sure everyone can find the best time and location that fits their schedule. Prices can vary, but the average price for the class is $250.00.
  2. Receive your lead renovator certificate and keep it on hand. This certificate is proof you were certified and is sometimes referred to as a Lead License. You may be asked to show it when working with other contractors or bidding on projects. Keeping it on hand and readily available will help ensure contractors are able to continue work activity without interruption.


  1. Visit the EPA website and submit a Firm Application. The Environmental Protection Agency will review your application within a 90 day period. You are required to do this if you choose to do work in Florida that is covered by the rule.
  2. You will receive a firm certificate from the EPA. Keep a copy at you work site. You may be asked to show it as proof from time to time.

Once you receive both certificates, you can legally start renovation work covered by the law! What are you waiting for?

Don’t risk fines! Get your Lead Paint Certification now! 

Lead Paint Certification Initial

Helpful Links for Compliance in Florida

Florida contractors and other people responsible for performing lead-related renovation work may find some of these links helpful to stay up to date on important information. These are some of the more common Lead Programs in the various FL agencies. You will find a variety of information on lead renovation, abatement, containment, and lead dust cleanup. Local jurisdictions may have different lead requirements. It is important to research the differences if and when you work in those communities. Some of these communities with Lead Paint restrictions includ Pensacola, Panama Beach, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Always check the regulations of each area before beginning your painting project.

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