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Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

Before the dangers of lead-based paints were well understood, they were used in just about every building, from homes to child-care facilities. In 1978, the U.S. banned the manufacture of lead-based paints. They also banned consumers from using them. 

Of course, most buildings built prior to 1978 still have lead paint on the walls. When contractors renovate these buildings, they expose themselves to health risks, including headaches, dizziness, and even memory loss. This happens when the lead paint is disturbed. Lead dust flies into the air, which causes adverse effects when inhaled. 

To protect workers, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted the Renovation, Repair, and Paint (RRP) law. The safety guidelines outlined in this law limit the risk of disturbing lead paint and the health effects that go along with that. One requirement is to get an EPA lead certification from an EPA-accredited certifier like ZOTApro. 

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Garden City RRP Rule Enforcement

Enforcers in Garden City

While some states follow their own lead paint guidelines, New York follows the EPA’s RRP rule. The RRP rule has been in effect since April 22nd, 2010. Because New York follows EPA guidelines, you’ll need an EPA lead certification before you can start renovating pre-1978 homes, preschools, or childcare facilities. 

Renovation Jobs Require Proof of Lead Certification

To begin a renovation job, you’ll first need a building permit from your municipality. The New York Department of Health requires you to show proof of your lead certification. Always make sure to have the document on hand before starting the process. 

Chip Sampling Is Not Allowed for Renovators 

Just because you have a lead certification and a building permit doesn’t mean you can start right away. Contact a trained Garden City, New York risk assessor or lead-based paint inspector before the project. They are trained to perform chip sample tests and will let you know about the risk of lead exposure ahead of time. 

Steps to Lead Certification in Garden City, New York


  1. Individual contractors that want to renovate pre-1978 buildings must take an EPA lead certification course. Courses are 8 hours long and take place on various days throughout the week for your convenience. You can register for a course online. Keep in mind there are limited spots available, so sign up early for the best chance of getting your desired date and location. 
  2. Once you register for a course, you’ll need to attend and complete it. Classes involve instructor training, hands-on training, and a short exam. All materials needed for the course are included. You’ll also receive an electronic student manual, which you’ll keep access to for life. 
  3. After you’ve successfully completed the course, you’ll receive a digital copy of your certificate via email. If you choose “Rush Certificate” when registering, you’ll receive your certificate same-day by 11:59 PST. 
  4. Your certificate will remain valid for 5 years. Always keep this certificate on hand when you have a renovation project.


  1. Firms that want to get EPA lead paint certified need to fill out the firm application on the EPA’s website. 
  2. Applications typically take a week or two to get approved. 
  3. The EPA will send your firm certificate in a few weeks via email. You’ll need to log into your CDX account to access it. The email will also include a customized lead-safe logo, which you’re free to include on your website or in any marketing materials.
  4. Have your certificate on hand whenever you take on any renovation projects. Remember that all of your employees must be trained, as well. At least one must be a Certified Renovator, and the others must also be Certified Renovators or receive on-the-job training from the Certified Renovator. 

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Complying With Riverside’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

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Lead-based paint comes with many dangers, especially to children. Exposure to lead dust can lead to developmental delays, seizures, learning disabilities, and brain damage. These issues are both serious and irreversible. In some cases, exposure can even lead to death. 

Contractors renovating a pre-1978 building without following protocol put their health at risk, as well. For this reason, it’s important to always follow the latest guidelines and safety information. Staying updated will also keep you compliant. Without following the regulations, you may face fines of up to $37,500 per day. 

Below are a few links with safety information as well as local rules and regulations:

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