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The EPA regulates Lead Paint Rules for IN contractors doing work in buildings built in 1977 and older. EPA Lead Certification Indiana gives resources and other important information pertaining to the RRP Rule EPA Lead Certification Indiana - Lead Paint Trainingthat is enforced in this state. Strict requirements must be followed in buildings to help prevent children from lead contamination and  poisoning. These buildings include housing, schools and child care facilities. People doing work  must have Lead Renovator Certification in Indian to make sure they are properly trained to comply with the regulations that are set in place. Training includes specialized work procedures and is valid for 5 years. The focus of the rule is to control the spread of lead dust and contamination during work. Specifically, contractors must work lead safe in these older properties to protect children and others visiting or residing in these spaces.

EPA Lead Certification Indiana is a great supplemental resource for you to use. The Lead Rule developed by the Environmental Protection Agency requires individuals to make sure they are complying with all rules. This includes all local and state rules as well. It is always your responsibility to make certain you know and follow all rules that affect your projects. If you fail to do so, you could be found to be negligent and have fines imposed on you or your company. Not all information and resources are listed here for your work in Indian. You should always research agencies regulating lead paint work in your area to make sure you are always in compliance.

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Lead Renovator Certification Initial

Click the register here button to find a lead renovator initial certification course near you now. This initial class is for people getting their certification for the first time or renewing their certificate past the expiration date. The class provides a mix of classroom training and hands-on activity. Highly experienced teachers provide real world application to help relate to the training.

If you are already certified and you are not past your expiration date, you can renew with a local Refresher Courses available in your area.

Renovation Repair and Painting RRP Rule Administration in Indiana

The EPA Lead Rule was put into effect on April 22, 2010. It was a joint effort between the EPA and HUD. It was the EPA’s hope that states would adopt the rule, however, the majority of states still follow the federal rule. Indiana has not adopted the rule so it is still managed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Although many states still use the federal rule as the primary lead law, they may have created additional rules for you to follow. It is important to make sure you check to make sure you know all rules that apply to your job. This will ensure you are doing everything you can to comply with strict guidelines in your area.

Indiana Lead Law Enforcement

If you work in Indiana, you must follow the EPA Rule that is enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency. You can find detailed information and resources on the EPA website. You may want to visit often for new rules and updated information to stay current with any changes that occur. In additional to the federal law, you must know all state and local laws as well. Be sure to follow the most stringent rule that applies to your project. If you ever have questions about an agency rule, we strongly advise you to ask questions before you start your work. Remember, we are always ready to help you with EPA Lead Certification Indiana questions.

Complying with Lead Certification Indiana Requirements

Both companies and employees engaging in work must be certified to do work in Indiana. Only one certification is required for the company. When you certify your company, you are basically stating you understand you are aware of the Lead RRP Rule and you will only use trained and certified staff to do work. Each employee must receive training before beginning work so they know how to work lead safe. We have listed the necessary steps to get companies (firms) and employees certified.


3 Easy Steps for Indiana Lead Certification

  1. Register for a Lead Renovator Certification class that is convenient for you.
  2. Successfully complete all portions of the class and pass the required EPA Test.
  3. Receive your EPA Renovator Certificate.

It’s that easy!

Please remember to always maintain a copy of your Certificate on site while you are performing work. Certificates regulated under the EPA are valid for 5 years. If you are approaching your expiration date and wish to continue working, you can take a renewal class to update your certificate. Please note that if you wait beyond the expiration date, even by one day, you will have to take an initial course to recertify.

Lead Renovator Class specifics: The class is typically completed in only 1 day. It is only 8 hours in length and usually begins in the early morning. There are many days available including Saturday classes if that is what you need. You may be wondering how much these classes cost. Well, the cost can vary but the average cost is around $250.00. Remember, this certification is valid for 5 years so that is only $50.00 per year.


3 Easy Steps for EPA Lead Safe Firm Certification in Indiana

  1. Submit a Firm Application to the EPA on behalf of your company.
  2. Pay the application fee of $300.00.
  3. Receive your EPA Firm Certificate with your company name on it.

Please not that a company and firm are the same. All companies, regardless of size, must apply for certification if engaging in this type of work. The application is approximately 2 pages long. You will be asked to submit basic company information and acknowledge your company will follow the RRP Rule. You will need to pay a $300.00 application fee. Firm Certification is valid for 5 years so that breaks down to only $60.00 per year. If you have more than one company engaging in this type of work activity, then you will need to submit an application for each.

The EPA has up to 90 days to review your application. Once approved, they will provide the certificate in your company name. It is best to retain a copy of the certificate, also know as a lead license, at the job site. You must renew by submitting a new application prior to expiration if you intend to continue work.

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Lead Renovator Certification Initial

Indiana Lead Certification Resources

Strict procedures must be followed if you are performing lead safe work in older buildings. The information provided below is intended to help you easily find some of the most common agencies that regulate work in Indiana. The links will provide you direct access to local authority sites containing information you will most likely find important for the work you do. Please feel free to use the information provided as a supplemental resource. There may be additional guidelines not listed here that you will need to follow. You may have to do some of your own research to find all job requirements to comply in your local area. There may be many other government agencies in Indiana that may have additional lead certification IN requirements. These may include South Bend, Elkart, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Columbus, Evansville, Hammond, Gary, Marion County, Lake County, Allen County, Hamilton County and more. We strongly encourage you to contact all governing bodies in your location prior to work. This will help ensure you are follow any and all specific lead paint requirements applying to your work.

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