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Why Do You Need EPA Renovator Lead Certification?

Through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the federal government requires that all persons working on painting, renovations, and repairs on buildings built before 1978 get lead certification as a prerequisite for the project. These projects create lead dust, which harms the human body and could lead to fatal respiratory illnesses. Therefore, the accreditation ensures individuals are adequately trained on lead-safe work practices. 

In Medford, New York, EPA’s lead certification requirement does not apply to people doing repairs in their homes. However, if you rent your home, are planning to sell it for profit, or if children frequent your house, you need lead certification from the proper authorities. 

If you are a contractor or planning to conduct repairs, renovations, or painting exercises in Medford, New York, ZOTA Professional Training offers exquisite training programs that are current with the set EPA rules. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced in the field, we will provide you with the prerequisite skill and certification to ensure the community’s safety and compliance with legal requirements.

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Medford, New York, RRP Rule and Enforcement

The RRP rule, which requires people performing renovations, repairs, and paintings on buildings built before 1978 to get a safety permit, has been in force since April 22, 2010. 

It is a federal rule enforced by several states, including the State of New York, to suit its situation. Medford, being part of New York, is privy to the standards set by the State. The rule complements the Local 1 requirements of the State of New York. 

Medford, New York RRP Rule Enforcers

In Medford, New York, the EPA enforces the RRP rule in conjunction with state officers. The personnel is hell-bent on ensuring a lead-dust-free environment for the local community. 

Homeowners and contractors in the area are encouraged to fulfill the RRP rule, confirm compliance with the Local 1 requirements, and keep up with the changing standards before embarking on their projects.

No Proof of Lead Certification Means No Building Permit

In line with the New York Department of Health requirements, contractors and people conducting repairs and renovations need proof of lead certification before acquiring a building permit. Without the certificate, you will not be handed the permit in Medford, New York, and your projects will stall. 

Chip Sampling Is Not Allowed in Medford, New York. 

You may be tempted to perform a paint chip sample before starting a repair, renovation, or painting exercise. Don’t. The New York Department of Health emphasizes that contractors and homeowners should not perform chip sampling on their own to ensure the community’s safety. Instead, you must contact a trained risk assessor in Medford, New York, to conduct the test. 

Complying with Medford, New York’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements 

State and federal laws require that any individual or company embarking on a project that could potentially disturb lead dust must get the requisite certifications. Given the certification process may vary depending on whether you apply as an individual or firm, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with lead certification processes in Medford, New York. As such, we have highlighted the procedures below. 

Steps to Lead Certification in Medford, New York

Below is the lead certification process for parties that apply as individuals or companies.


  1. Individual contractors seeking to start a repair, renovation, or painting job in Medford, New York must complete an EPA-approved lead training course from a certified institution. The course takes 8 hours, and prospective permit holders should expect to part with $200. 
  2. The course is schedule-friendly, meaning you can set convenient times to attend the classes. On completion, you are handed two copies of your lead certificate: a digital and a physical copy. Both documents contain a unique code for identification and record keeping. 
  3. Once you receive the certificate, you can comfortably carry on with your repairs, renovations, and paintings as a lead-certified contractor. 
  4. Contractors based in Medford, New York, are encouraged to keep a physical copy of their lead certifications, so you are ready for any inspections or inquiries. You can also uphold your lead certification by taking EPA-approved refresher courses.

1. All companies and firms, including sole proprietorships, seeking lead certification in Medford, New York, must make applications and payments to the EPA online. Once the Firm Application is reviewed and completed, a copy of your firm’s certificate is sent to your place of business to certify your compliance with EPA rules.
2. You must always keep a copy of your lead permit in your business premises in case of an inspection. Not having the document could lead to profound legal implications.
3. An EPA company certificate is only valid for five years. You can apply for a new certificate before the previous certification expires. However, the new accreditation becomes operational after the old one lapses.
4. A recertification application must be made 90 days before the previous certification expires. The application process in Medford, New York, typically takes around two weeks.

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Medford, New York contractors who want to take on and complete repair, renovation, and painting jobs in the local area are required to complete EPA-approved lead certification courses. This training is vital as it prepares you for the range of risks associated with lead-based materials including how to mitigate hazards and keep those around you safe. The following resources may also be helpful.

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