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The EPA Lead Paint Regulations were put in place in order to ensure a safer environment for all involved. Lead Certification MN - EPA Renovator Contractors working in the state of Minnesota need to be certified before they can begin a project. Lead Certification MN works to provide all pertinent information related to the cause. Any homes built prior to 1978 are at higher risk of exposing inhabitants to dangerous amounts of lead paint. Any Minnesota contractors paid to work on these homes, as well as property managers in the area, must follow appropriate Lead RRP Regulations when working. Renovation, Repair, and Painting are included in these guidelines.

The upcoming information is designed to be used as a resource for any contractor wanting to become certified as a Lead Renovator. Local, state, and federal regulations are discussed and need to be followed. There are some additional requirements set forth by certain cities and states that are not listed below. Before beginning any new project, it is imperative that you contact the governing agency to determine which requirements they have. Failure to comply with their restrictions could result in thousands of dollars in fines, along with a loss of your business.

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Ready to start working as Lead Renovator? Find an Initial Course intended for beginners. These classes provide hands-on experience and provide the appropriate supplies and materials needed to pass the course and become certified.

Looking to renew the certification you already earned? There are Refresher Courses available to keep your certification up to date.

Minnesota RRP Rule Enforcement

The RRP Rule came into effect on April 22, 2010. The Environmental Protection Agency was responsible for this set of regulations and standards. Many states have now adopted this rule as their own, including the state of Minnesota. Other states that do not enforce it themselves still have the EPA enforcing it completely.

Enforcers in Minnesota

The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for enforcing the rule in Minnesota. You can visit their website in order to learn the most up to date information pertaining to the rule, and find out why it is so important.

No Proof of Lead Certification Means No Building Permit

In the state of Minnesota, no contractor is able to achieve a building permit if they cannot show proof of possessing a lead certification. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry demands all municipalities to check certification documents before they are allowed to issue any building permit. Once certification is shown, the permit can be issued.

Lead Renovators May Not Perform Chip Sampling

Lead Renovators working on renovation projects in Minnesota are not allowed to perform paint chip sampling on their own. A risk assessor or lead based paint inspector must perform the sampling. This rule is set forth by the Minnesota Department of Health to ensure the safety of the contractor. The sampling needs to be handled by a trained professional.

Complying with Minnesota’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Both companies and individuals are required to become lead certified if they are to work on projects in the state of Minnesota. There are different steps for certification for each.

Steps for Minnesota Certification:


  1. Attend and complete a Lead Training Course. The course must be eight-hours long, and approved by the EPA. Each Initial Course provides hands-on training and provides the required materials needed. There are numerous dates and times available each month to ensure contractors can find an available day that best fits their schedule. Prices vary, but average $200.
  2. Receive a copy of the lead certificate and keep it on hand. This certificate may need to be seen as proof, particularly before being able to obtain a building permit. Keeping it on hand will ensure the contractor is able to continue on at their job site without hesitation.


  1. Contact the EPA and submit a valid application. This certifies your company with the Environmental Protection Agency, and allows you to work in Minnesota as long as the certification stays valid.
  2. Receive a copy of the company certificate from the EPA and always keep it at the job site. It may need to be shown as proof on different occasions.

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Helpful Links for Minnesota Regulation Compliance

Any Minnesota contractor responsible for completing lead-related work can utilize some of these helpful links in order to stay up to date on pertinent information. The links pertain to the Lead Program offered in the state, lead poisoning prevention, and removing lead based paint waste that is hazardous to the environment. Some local jurisdictions may have additional lead requirements that may be wise to discover if and when you work in those areas. This could include Willmar, Bemidji, Duluth, Rochester, Brainerd, Saint Cloud, Bloomington, Moorhead, and Alexandria. Always check the regulations of each area before beginning your painting project.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency has a Lead Program.
  • There is a Lead Program discussed by the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry provides information pertaining to the EPA’s lead paint rule.
  • The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency discusses the effects of lead in homes and its level of toxicity. Children ages six and younger are especially affected.
  • Statute (MS) 326B.106 subd. 13 & 14 is related to the General Powers of Commissioner of Labor and Industry. This statute states that the commissioner shall rule in consultation with the Construction Codes Advisory Council.
  • The Minneapolis Lead and Healthy Homes Program provides a comprehensive approach to handling environmental concerns. A resource guide is provided.
  • A Lead Based Paint Program is offered by Hennepin County, which works to provide a free risk assessment for all eligible residents in the area. Lead reduction methods may also be provided.
  • A Healthy Homes Program and Window Replacement Program are both available through Ramsey County. Families who have children with asthma or allergies are eligible for free inspections.

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