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Lead Paint Regulations can be specific to each state. EPA Lead Certification Missouri - EPA Renovator TrainingSome states follow the EPA RRP Rule and others have adopted it and created their own regulation. EPA Lead Certification Missouri provides detailed information and guidance specific Lead Laws in this state. The first thing to know is virtually all paid contractors, property managers and others renovating properties in Missouri must comply with the Lead RRP Regulations. This law established in 2010 called Renovation, Repair, and Painting. If you are doing work in older buildings, then you must follow this law. These older buildings include all types of housing built before 1978 and includes apartments of all sizes. Included are also day cares, preschools and elementary schools.

The resources listed below can be used to help you comply with lead requirements established at the state, federal and even local level. This may not be a complete list of all agencies you are in need to follow. Others may exist that have rules your company will have to know and understand to properly do your work. You are always encouraged to get in touch with these agencies overseeing your projects. This will help ensure compliance with all requirements and regulations over and above the main RRP Rule. Don’t risk non-compliance. Do your due diligence and research all laws that apply to your work. Loss of work and huge fines could be the end result if you don’t comply with the law.

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Are you ready to begin work as a Lead Certified Renovator? Search a comprehensive list to find a all available local beginner renovator courses. Following this link provided will give you a complete listing of MO classes. You will have the option to search thousands of courses to find one at a desired location anywhere in the United States. Days, times and pricing vary from location to location. Register for an 8-hour course taught by experienced EPA-approved instructors. Get your certification in only 1 day!

Are you already certified and need to renew your lead license? View a list of all renewal courses available to you now. Searching by state will help you find a locally provided course that is convenient for you. Refresher courses are only 4 hours in length and you must have a valid certificate to attend.

Missouri RRP Rule Responsibility

Effective April 22, 2010, the EPA placed the RRP rule into law. It has been revised since then, but most everything has remained consistent. Almost a third of the states have adopted the rule and are managing it without the EPA. These states have to make sure the rules are at least as stringent as they are federally written. All renovation workers residing in states that have not adopted the rule still will continue to follow the federal requirements. Missouri has not opted to take on the lead law. This means anyone working in the State of MO is required to follow the federal law.

Enforcement of the Missouri RRP Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency manages and enforces the RRP Rule in Missouri. You should read the rule prior to doing work so you are aware of your responsibility at the federal level. Please visit the EPA website to familiarize yourself with the requirements and get the newest updates. You will find that there are additional state and local requirements that may be enforced at a different level.

EPA Lead Certification Missouri Compliance Requirements

The requirement states that you must obtain two different types of certificates. Companies, often referred to as Firms, need to be approved to do work. Also, individuals must be lead paint trained as well. Both need to be completed before work can be started in Missouri. Both certifications are only valid for five years so they are required to regular renew in order to stay certified. This will allow for a seamless transition for your company to work and follow the regulations without interruption.

Steps for Getting Certified in Missouri

For Individuals:

  1. Register for a lead training course that is local and convenient for you. It must be eight-hours long, an EPA approved course, and taught by an accredited and experienced Principal Instructor. Click the link and find many local options. There are courses offered at numerous dates, times and locations each week. Classes cost $260 on average. You will find that everything is provided including the student manual, all materials and supplies, and hands-on training to apply yours skills in a test environment before you try in the real world.
  2. Attend and successfully complete your course. There is some classroom training followed by some exercises and then a short exam. Do not worry about the exam. If you are actively participating, the exam will be easy.
  3. Receive your lead renovator certificate from your training provider. It will have your name, address and photo on it. Always keep it on the job site where your work is taking place. Consider it your Lead License. You may need to show it when asked during an audit.

For Businesses:

  1. Submit an application to the EPA. It is basically a two page application that is easy to fill out. You will need to verify company information, acknowledge that you understand the requirements of the RRP Rule, and verify you will use only properly trained employees when working on older properties covered by the rule.
  2. The EPA will send your Firm Certificate after they fully evaluate your application. The review time varies, but it can take up to 90 days. Once you receive the certificate with your company name on it, you are approved to do lead renovation work. It is highly recommended to always maintain a copy on you job sites. Don’t forget, you confirmed with the EPA that you understand that every employee within your company must be trained. Make sure you comply with the law and train your employees how to work lead safe.

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Stay in Compliance! Here are Valuable Resources When Working in Missouri

EPA Lead Certification Missouri contractors are required to complete work in a safe manner. We have provided some useful links for you to use to discover the most up to date lead poisoning prevention requirements. These include Personal Protective Equipment, disposing of lead-based paint debris, and the Lead Program overall. State and local lead requirements may differ. You are encouraged to personally view them in locations where you are working. These locations can include Kansas City, Springfield, Saint Louis, Jefferson City and more. It is important to verify all laws and regulations before starting renovation or painting jobs.

  • The EPA is a great starting point for lead work. Please start you search here to find out more. There are several main program disciplines outlined on this site including Lead Abatement, Lead Inspection and Lead Renovation. Although they have differences, they all focus on lead-based paint as a hazardous material.
  • The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services provides lead licensing information. They license and have rules for individuals and companies working in MO.
  • Protecting the environment is critical. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources provides environmental compliance information.
  • Lead Laws in St Louis County MO. Guidance and information for contractors and others that want to be safe.
  • Macon County MO Health Department provides resources and contact information.
  • Reynolds County MO Public Health. This site provides insight that Lead Poisoning is preventable and gives guidance and resources to help in this matter.
  • The Kansas City Missouri Health Department is promoting “Project Lead Safe Kansas City“.  It provides information, guidance and resources to reduce or eliminate exposure.
  • The City of Saint Louis Lead Inspection and Hazard Control Division provides information on building systems and inspections.

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