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In the State of Nevada, all lead programs are controlled, run and administered directly by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The majority of states now have their enforcement programs which are authorized by the EPA, but Nevada along with a handful of other states are still directly run by the EPA.

Lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health problems, especially when it becomes dust which is easily inhaled and can stick to work clothing. To minimize this risk, it’s important for workers to operate in a safe environment where much of the dust is removed, and proper protection is worn.

The Renovation, Repair and Painting rule (RRP) demands that workers and businesses across the nation become certified before being able to perform certain tasks. To become certified you must also complete an 8-hour training course which includes 2-hours of hands-on experience.

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Lead Paint Certification Initial

This training teaches individuals how to work safely, fill out the required paperwork and the danger that lead can pose. Once the individual has passed the examination and becomes certified, they can work on the site, teach others on the job and fill in the necessary paperwork for each job.

Do I Need Lead Certification in Nevada?

The RRP rule dictates that at least one individual on the job site must have passed the required training and hold an active certification in the State of Nevada. They will be responsible for ensuring proper erection of the necessary safety precautions, direct work regularly, trains others on the job and fill in the paperwork.

Lead hazards are particularly common in homes which were constructed before 1978 when lead-paint was used across in the nation in homes and work buildings. When renovating these walls, you must be careful to contain the lead dust and remove it appropriately to reduce the risk for those on and around the work site.

You will need to become certified if you’re a(n):

  • Renovator: Must complete the full 8-hour training course with an accredited program in the State of Nevada, pass the final exam and apply for certification.
  • Contractor: Must earn their lead certification before they are legally allowed to work on houses that were built before 1978.
  • Company/Firm: No training is required, but they must submit an application for certification through the EPA website and pay the associated fees for processing the application and receiving the certificate. The company is responsible for ensuring that they hire contractors or renovators with the appropriate certification and training.
  • Home Owners: The RRP rule required that homeowners should not work on areas of painted surfaces inside that are greater than six square feet, or painted surfaces outside larger than twenty square feet. Surfaces larger than this should be worked on by professionals to ensure safe conditions.

How to Become Certified in Nevada

In the State of Nevada to become lead certified, you must first attend a training course which is run by an accredited provider in the state before you can apply for certification through the EPA website.

Can I Take a Refresher Course?

Initial certificates only last for five years and to extend them so that you can continue to work you must complete a refresher course to ensure that you’re still aware of what to do. These refresher courses are condensed versions of the full-training, usually lasting less than 4-hours.

Once you have completed the refresher course, you will be able to apply for a new certificate which will give you another five years. However, you must do all of this before the initial certificate expires. If you fail to, you will be required to conduct the full-training course again, pass the examination and apply for a fresh certificate which will be costly.

To ensure that you don’t let it expire, you should conduct your refresher course no less than three months before the expiration date. This gap ensures that you will be able to submit the application, have it approved and receive a new certificate before your previous version becomes redundant and prevents you from attending your job.

RRP Rule Enforcement in Nevada

If the RRP rules, which have been in place since 2010, are broken, there are serious punishments which can come in the form of large fines, lost jobs and ruined businesses. Indeed, the last thing you want to do is to work without a certificate.

The State of Nevada does not run its lead programs, and therefore it is controlled directly by the EPA. As a result, enforcement is administered by the EPA in conjunction with the State Department at a federal level.

How to Comply with EPA Lead Certification Requirements

The RRP rule requires that not only must you have passed training, hold an active certificate and properly maintain the job site, you must also keep the certificate at the site at all times. Through the training process, you will learn what responsibilities and have and how to conduct them to ensure that you are always complying with the RRP rules.

To become certified the most important requirement is that you have completed training with an accredited program. The EPA decides who is accredited and who is not and therefore you must ensure that the program can give you the necessary training to apply for a certificate from the EPA.

Steps to Becoming Lead Certified in Nevada

  1. Learn about the process and what it involves.
  2. Attend the 8-hour lead training course in the State of Nevada and pass the examination.
  3. Receive your lead certificate from the training course and maintain a copy at the job site.
  4. Apply through the EPA website to become certified.
  5. Receive the certification from the EPA and keep a copy at the job site.
  6. Renew your certification from the EPA at least every five years by taking a refresher course and re-applying for a certificate.

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Still, Have Questions About Lead Certification in Nevada?

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