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Lead Certification NJ is intended to provide valuable regulatory resources regarding the RRP Rule Lead Certification NJ - EPA Renovator Trainingthat is set in place for New Jersey. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed Lead Paint Regulations for contractors and other people performing renovation work in buildings built in or before 1977. These buildings include most residential properties, facilities where child care occurs including homes and commercial buildings, and also schools where children under the age of 6 attend. Lead Renovator certification in New Jersey is a must to become adequately trained and comply with these requirements set forth.  Training includes special procedures that must be used when working in homes built before to 1978. Contractors, landlords and others working on these older properties need to use these procedures and work lead safe.  A main focus of the rule is to control lead dust by use of containment and specialized cleaning. Not following the requirements can put adults and children at a higher risk of being exposed to contaminated dust and ultimately poisoned by lead paint.

Information found on Lead Certification NJ should be used as a supplemental resource. There may be other requirements not listed here. The EPA Lead Rule requires everyone to follow all local, state, and federal rules as well. As a contractor, it is your responsibility to make sure you are familiar with all laws that affect your project. If you fail to follow any required rules, it could ultimately end in a loss of your company, thousands in fines, or potentially both. Please note that not all agencies and resources are listed here. When you are planning a lead project, it is highly recommended that you contact governing agencies where you are working. This will help you gain a clear understanding of the requirements you must follow to comply with all lead laws.

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Lead Paint Certification Initial

Search for a close and convenient EPA Lead Certification NJ class now. The initial course is for people getting their lead certificate for the first time. The initial class is packed with valuable information and includes hands-on training. Experienced instructors are able to provide real world examples so the training is easy to simply makes sense. You can be confident that you will be able to immediately apply what you learned in the class directly to your own projects.

Were you previously certified? Search a complete listing of local Refresher Courses available in your area. Get recertified so you can continue working.

New Jersey RRP Law Management

The EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule became effective in April of 2010. This was a joint venture between the Environmental Protection Agency and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Most states across the country, including New Jersey, follow the federal rule. However, several states have adopted the rule and made their own rules. Some of these states have added additional requirements so it’s very important to do your research. If you are a contractor working in multiple states, you should now the requirements so you can comply with the all lead laws.

Enforcement Agency in New Jersey

New Jersey follows the federal law. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency is responsible to enforce the RRP Rule in the state. Please visit the EPA website to find the federal rules and to determine what state rules app listed requirements and stay current on all updates.

Complying with the New Jersey Lead Certification Requirements

Individuals, companies and others complying with this rule must become certified if they want to conduct work in the state of New Jersey. There are required steps to follow to comply with the NJ Lead Paint Certification Requirements.

Steps for New Jersey Certification:


  1. Select and attend a Lead Renovator Certification class. Successfully complete training, skills assessment, and pass the required exam. The class can be completed in one day. You can usually find a class available most days of the week including Saturday. The course is only 8 hours long and usually begins early in the morning. However, there are many different times available to select from. The average cost is about $250.00. Cost does vary as location and demand do have an impact on this though.
  2. Get your lead certificate from the training provider. It will have your name and photograph on it. Your certificate, sometimes referred to as a Lead License, is valid for 5 years in most states.
  3. You must maintain a copy of your Renovator Certificate at your job site. You can keep either in hard copy or electronic format. Either is OK. Please remember to take a refresher course to renew your certificate before it expires. The EPA requires you to attend an initial course to recertify if your current certificate is no longer valid.


  1. All firms, including owner operator, must apply for certification by submitting an EPA application. You will submit company information, acknowledge that you understand the requirements of the lead rule and verify you will use certified and trained employees to do work. When approved, the EPA will list your company on their website. Anyone wanting to verify your company is a Lead-Safe Certified Firm can easily do so. This will help verify your company is authorized to bid on lead projects in New Jersey.
  2. The EPA will send your certificate. This can take up to 90 days. Maintain a copy of your firm certificate. It is a good idea to keep a copy on at the job site for audit purposes.

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Helpful Links for NJ Lead Compliance

New Jersey licensed or non-licensed contractor, doing renovations on lead paint projects need be certified. The links provided here are intended to help give you direct access to some state and local authorities in your area. These links direct you to websites that provide a variety of lead rules and procedures. You may find it useful as these sites will give you guidance specific to your location. Please remember many New Jersey government agencies may have more lead requirements. These could include Atlantic City, Vineland, Cherry Hill, Trenton, New Brusnwick, Newark Camden, Sussex County and more. We highly recommend that you to contact all agencies where you are doing work at to find out any specific lead paint requirements before starting work.

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