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EPA Lead Certification NY provides informational services regardingEPA Lead Certification NY - EPA Renovator Training EPA Lead Paint Regulations unique to the State of New York. Any project being performed that has the potential to disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, and pre-schools built before 1978 must follow lead-safe work practices.

In the state of New York, one of these lead-safe practices includes having a renovator that has been trained and certified by one of the EPA’s approved training providers. The Renovation, Repair and Paint Law (RRP) created by the EPA, regulates any projects that have a potential for lead exposure.

The following information will help you comply on both a state and federal level with the EPA’s strict guidelines when it comes to working with lead-based paint. Failure to comply with RRP Regulations could wind up costing your thousands in fines and possibly your business.

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We focus on the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements when it comes to lead certification. Some city and state agencies have their own specific regulations when it comes to lead certification. Therefore, you should always make sure you are following the rules in your area.

You are encouraged to comply with any and all regulatory agencies governing work in your area. Doing so will ensure you are following all rules and regulations pertaining to your job.

So Who Needs a Lead Certification?

  • Independent Contractors: If working on a site that was built before 1978 or otherwise has the potential for lead-based paint. All contractors must complete a lead certification.

Once an individual has completed an EPA-approved training program, they will be responsible for making sure all workers receive training on lead-safe practices. They must also oversee at the very minimum set up of safety equipment and removal of debris at the end of each job.

  • Companies: All companies that come in contact with lead paint must register with the EPA. If you are unsure about a project, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Each company must have staff undergo EPA-approved training courses and be on hand to educate and answer questions regarding lead-based paint.
  • Home Owners & Property Managers: Just because you are not doing the work yourself, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook if proper work practices are not being followed by your contractors. Do your due diligence by confirming online that your contractor is a certified renovator. If you are a property manager and you or your staff are doing the work, then you will need training as well.

Ready to Become a Lead Safe Renovator?

Lead certification courses last five years and vary state to state. If you work in multiple states, it’s best to make sure you are in compliance at all times when it comes to lead safety practices.

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Need a Lead Safe Certification Refresher Course?

If you already have your certification you understand the value of these EPA enforced training courses. When it comes to the best safety practices, there are new developments all the time.

Complete your Lead Safe Certification Refresher Course today. This will ensure you and your crew are using the safest possible work environment.

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RRP Rule Enforcement in New York

The state of New York acknowledges the rules in which the EPA has issued as far as work sites that have the potential to come in contact with lead-based paint. These rules include any hazards that may occur during renovations, repair, and painting activities.

The EPA’s rules became effective April 22, 2010, and have since been in place throughout the United States. Many states have adopted and enforce these rules. For those that have not, the EPA still enforces it.

Who Enforces the RRP Rule in New York?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made the RRP Rule effective on April 22, 2010. The RRP Rule is an addition to the Local Law 1 requirements in the state of New York.

In the state of New York, the EPA still enforces the rule. Contractors and homeowners alike are required to fulfill both the EPA’s RRP Rule and the Local Law 1 renovation act in the state of New York.

For up to date information on the RRP Rule, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

How Do I Comply with EPA Lead Certification New York Requirements?

The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, also known as the RRP Rule, created by the EPA requires certification of both individuals and companies in New York. Receiving your EPA Lead Certification from an EPA-approved training course will guarantee you are using the safest work practices possible when it comes to lead-based hazards.

Steps for Lead Certification in New York

  1. Attend and successfully complete an 8-hour EPA-approved Lead Training Course.
  2. Receive your individual lead certificate from the training provider and always maintain a copy at your job site.
  3. Submit an application to the EPA to certify your company.
  4. Receive your company certificate from the EPA and always maintain a copy at your job site.
  5. Make sure to renew your certification at a minimum of every five years with a Refresher Course.

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Useful Links for Compliance in the State of New York

Here are some helpful links if you are a New York contractor conducting lead related work. Use these resources to make sure you are in compliance when it comes to renovation, repair, and painting in your area. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself at risk of fines or loss of business.

Larger municipalities outside of the New York Metropolitan Area may also have lead requirements specific to their local jurisdiction. These may include Albany, Bronx, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Ithaca, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Rochester, Syracuse, and more. It is recommended to check before beginning work.

Environmental Protection Agency – Lead Program

New York State Department of Health – Lead-Safe Renovation Program

New York City Housing Preservation & Development – Lead-Based Paint Program

City of Rochester New York – Lead Paint Program

Erie County, NY Department of Health – Lead Poisoning Prevention

Monroe County Lead Poisoning Prevention

Onondaga Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Albany County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Suffolk County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Nassau County Long Island – Lead Poisoning Program

Still Have Questions about EPA Lead Certification NY?

If you are still unsure if you need a lead certification course or how to go about getting one, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call ZOTA Professional Training at 763-444-5323 today, and we will be happy to walk you through it.