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The Environmental Protection Agency has established Lead Paint Regulations for Lead Certification Ohio - EPA Renovator Trainingcontractors and property managers working in older homes, daycare facilities and schools. Lead Renovator training in Ohio is required to comply with these regulations and become properly certified. Lead Certification Ohio is intended to provide important information regarding the rules and regulations that are established for the state. This includes details for working on homes built prior to 1978, which put people, especially children at a higher risk of being exposed and poisoned by lead paint. Contractors, property managers and all others must be careful while working on these older buildings.

The information on this page should be used as an additional resource. The EPA RRP Rule requires Contractors and property managers to also follow local, state, and federal laws to to fully comply. Failure to follow any required rules could result in a loss of business, thousands in fines, or possibly both. It is crucial to note that not all agencies and information are listed below. Anyone trying to follow the lead paint rules should speak to the governing agencies to identify and understand all rules in the area you are working in.

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Find a locally provided OH Lead Certification course designed for individuals getting trained for the first time. These courses have hands-on skills and provide all materials and supplies necessary to provide real world examples. You’ll be able to take what you learn in the classroom and immediately apply it to your jobs.

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OHIO RRP Rule Enforcement

The Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, known as the Lead RRP Rule, was put into effect on April 22, 2010. The Environmental Protection Agency along with help from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) were responsible this putting this rule into effect. Many states across the nation, Ohio included, follow the federal rule. Contractors and property managers should know, however, that not all states follow this exact rule. Some states have chosen to enforce the rule on their own and may have made some additional changes.

Enforcement Agency in Ohio

The Environmental Protection Agency enforces the RRP Rule in the state of OH. Please visit the EPA website to identify listed requirements and stay current on all updates.

Complying with the Ohio Lead Certification Requirements

Individuals, companies and others complying with this rule must become certified if they want to conduct work in the state of Ohio. There are required steps to follow to comply with the Ohio Lead Paint Certification Requirements.

Steps for Ohio Certification:


  1. Attend a Lead Paint Training class and successfully complete it. The class you attend must be approved by the EPA or authorized state. The class is 8 hours in length and typically begins at 8 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. However, there are many different times available. The average cost for these classes is around $240, but location and demand can have an effect on this. The hands-on skills provided during these courses ensures that you receive the best possible training you need to become certified.
  2. Receive your lead certificate and maintain a copy of it on site at all times during your work activity. Certificates can be maintained on site either in hard copy form or electronic. Either way is acceptable. You must renew your certificate prior to the expiration in order to stay certified in the lead paint industry.


  1. All companies, including sole proprietorships, must Submit an application to the Environmental Protection Agency. This application simply states that you know and understand of the requirements of the RRP Rule and you will use trained staff to do the work. You will also be listed on the EPA’s site as a Lead-Safe Certified Firm and you will be able to do these types of jobs in Ohio.
  2. Receive and maintain a copy of your company’s certificate provided by the EPA. It is recommended to keep a copy on hand as proof of certification when working on the job.

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Helpful Links for Ohio Regulatory Compliance

Any Ohio contractor, whether licensed or not, wanting to work on lead paint projects must be certified. There are several links below intended to help provide access to some of the agencies in OH that may provide information on specific work requirements in your area. These links direct you to sites providing lead poisoning prevention information. This information may include how to safely abate lead based paint, build proper containment and how to test for lead. You should remember many OH jurisdictions may have additional lead requirements that you should know before beginning work. These may include Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton and Toledo. It is always recommended to check the requirements governing the community you will be working in prior to starting the project.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency implemented the RRP Rule to give you a process to control and clean lead dust on your project.
  • The Ohio Department of Health provides information on lead poisoning prevention. This includes the adverse health effects on children, surveillance programs for adults, lead abatement and hazardous properties.
  • The City of Columbus in OH provides lead poisoning prevention program information and services. The services listed include lead paint inspections and HEPA vacuum equipment loaning.
  • The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is located in Parma, OH. They provide lead paint information and resources including blood lead level testing, environmental assessments, free home repairs and HEPA vacuum lending.
  • The Ohio Healthy Homes Network provides information and guidance on the OHIO Lead Law.
  • Cincinnati, OH has Lead Poisoning Regulations established. The City of Cincinnati Health Department provides information and resources on lead poisoning prevention. The also have grant money available to help pay for some of the costly expenses related the necessary requirements.
  • The Dayton and Montgomery County Public Health department partners with other local agencies to provide strategies to prevent childhood lead poisoning.
  • The Lucas County Health Department located in Toledo, OH provides an abundance of information and resources including Lead Law Mandates.
  • The Cleveland Department of Public Health offer lead hazard information and resources including free lead hazard repair for properties.

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