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Why Do You Need Lead Certification in Plantation, Florida?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a federal agency that requires lead paint certification. Florida’s state government also adheres to these safety guidelines. Therefore, any renovator dealing with lead paint must possess the appropriate certification to ensure the proper handling and disposal of this toxic waste.

Complete an EPA renovator course to meet the EPA’s guidelines, enabling you to provide this service at Plantation, Florida worksites. Any home or building constructed before 1978 is likely to contain lead paint. Therefore, working on older structures in Plantation, Florida, puts you at risk for lead-based paint exposure, potentially leading to serious health consequences for both workers and occupants.

Lead paint flakes create dust when you renovate older surfaces. Inhaling this lead dust can cause harmful respiratory issues for anyone in the surrounding area. 

Any Plantation, Florida contractor renovating older structures needs to have lead certification. This regulation ensures necessary education on handling lead paint-covered surfaces and managing exposure to lead dust.

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Plantation, Florida RRP Rule Enforcement

The EPA has a Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP) rule that promotes healthy and safe workplaces for contractors and renovators. This rule reduces workers’ exposure to lead dust by ensuring anyone working in these older buildings has a lead certification, thereby minimizing the risks associated with lead poisoning.

People who already have the EPA lead certification can take an RRP refresher course before their certification expires. Taking proactive measures helps you stay updated on Florida renovation guidelines and prevents the need to retake the entire certification.

Enforcers in Plantation, Florida

The Environmental Protection Agency enforces all rules and regulations relating to lead paint. While Plantation, Florida, adheres to the EPA’s guidelines, the state doesn’t inspect these licenses on the building sites to enforce the ruling.

No Proof of Lead Certification Means No Building Permit

The EPA’s RRP rule became law in 2010, so all areas of the United States require lead certification for renovators, contractors, painters, and property managers. Without a lead certification, your crew can’t get a building permit to work on any structure built before 1978.

Lead Renovators May Not Perform Chip Sampling

Knowing about the EPA’s Lead-Based Paint Abatement Program doesn’t mean you’re free to perform chip sampling. For example, in Plantation, Florida, renovators can’t perform their own chip sampling. Before starting a renovation, you need to hire a risk assessor to test the paint chips.

Complying with Plantation’s EPA Lead Certification Requirements

Although Florida doesn’t enforce the EPA’s lead certification requirements, the state still mandates that all contractors and renovators obtain the certificate. Without this license, the EPA can charge fines of up to $37,500 and risk your business’s future.

Steps to Lead Certification in Plantation, Florida

The Environmental Protection Agency is a federal entity with detailed steps in place to ensure individuals and companies can complete their lead certification. 


  1. The first step toward getting your lead certification is to take an Environmental Protection Agency course. You can take the class online in eight hours; registration includes all the necessary study materials. If you want more information about the course, check out the Knowledge Bank for the requirements.
  2. Research and select an EPA-approved training provider offering lead certification courses. Once you complete the online EPA course, you’re officially a Lead Certification Renovator.
  3. You get two copies of your certification: one print and one digital. In addition, the certificates include an ID number linked to your professional work license.
  4. Keep the paper certificate in a safe space so you don’t lose it. Keep the digital certificate readily accessible on your phone or in your email to present to EPA inspectors if they visit your job site. You can also use it to pull a building permit before starting work. There are also refresher courses individuals can take, if necessary.


  1. The EPA has guidelines for firm certification, so you need to complete a Firm Application.
  2. Get EPA approval for your firm certification.
  3. Keep a copy of the certificate in your business files and have one on hand to show inspectors on the job site.
  4. Advertise your certification on your website and marketing materials. The EPA will give you access to the official “Lead-Safe Certified Firm” logo to use.

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Whether you’re a Plantation, Florida individual contractor or company, lead certification is vital. It’s important that you stay up to date with all changing regulations, and industry standards, so you can ensure safety for your health, team, and customers. Below are a few resources that might be helpful:

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