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Lead is a toxic metal that can cause extensive damage to the nervous system. This damage is caused when lead is inhaled or ingested, and it is most detrimental to children and pregnant women. Before 1978, it was often used in construction materials. Sanding, cutting, and demolition are common actions that can cause dust particles infused with lead or leaded paint chips to contaminate the air. Contact with lead can also be caused by corrosion in plumbing.

Lead has been linked with many health issues. In children, lead exposure has been known to cause reduced IQ, damage to the brain and nervous system, learning and behavioral difficulties, slowed growth, hearing problems, and headaches. While lead contact is more detrimental to children, adults can also be affected. Symptoms of lead exposure are reproductive issues, high blood pressure, nerve disorders, memory and concentrations issues, and muscle and joint pain.

To lessen the impact of lead contamination, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted rules in 2010 for properly handling leaded environments, The Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP). These rules regulate how people performing activities in homes that were built before 1978 must handle their construction and maintenance work.

The state of South Dakota has not come forth with specific legislation to handle construction certification for dealing with lead paint and lead pollution. As such, South Dakota is governed by the regulations of the EPA RRP Rules. The state falls under the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Do I Need Lead Certification in South Dakota?

Per the EPA’s RRP Rules, at least one member of a construction or contracting company must be certified by an EPA accredited organization. To become certified under the RRP Rules, you must attend certification courses held by EPA approved instructors. These courses will train you on how to properly handle homes contaminated with lead to guarantee the safety of the workers, occupants, and the general populace.

A certified lead renovator is responsible for providing on-the-job training to non-certified fellow workers. They will also direct work to ensure that proper procedures are being followed. It is required that the certified lead renovator be able to provide their certification whenever requested. For this reason, it is best practice to have evidence of certification present at the job site at all times.

Additionally, they must be present at the job site while warning signs are being posted, when the contaminated job site is being set up, and during the cleaning of the job site. Beyond this requirement, they must also be on site or available by telephone at all times during the renovation.

Certification is required for any of the following who are working in homes or child-occupied facilities built before 1978:

  • Contractors
  • Painters
  • Electricians, plumbers, and other maintenance workers
  • House renovators and interior designers
  • Property managers and landlords overseeing renovations

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Homeowners performing renovations or painting their own home are not subject to the RRP Rules.

How to Become Certified in South Dakota

Any work that disturbs lead-based paint in residences or facilities occupied by children requires certification under the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule. There are many different roles of individuals dealing with lead. The primary role is a certified Lead Renovator. These renovators are trained and certified in lead-safe practices by EPA certified instructors.

In South Dakota, the Environmental Protection Agency manages and administers the Renovation, Repair, and Painting certification process. To become certified in the state, you will need to take a lead certification course.

The course teaches students how to safely perform construction activities in pre-1978 homes without causing potential health hazards. The course is administered in a single day over the course of eight hours. Upon completion of the course and passing of the course’s exams, you must apply with the EPA to become certified. Certification expires after five years.

There are also other roles for which you can become certified. These roles pertain to lead abatement, the permanent removal of lead from an environment. Lead abatement certificates are required for lead abatement workers, lead abatement supervisors, risk assessors, and lead inspectors. These requirements are mandated under the Lead-Based Paint Activities regulations

Can I Take a Refresher Course?

Certification for Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule expires after five years. You are required to take a four-hour refresher course to re-certify before your certification expires. Failure to complete the refresher course before the five-year deadline will result in the expiration of your certification. If that happens, to become recertified you will be required to retake all certification courses. The recertification class must be taken with an EPA accredited instructor.

RRP Rule Enforcement in South Dakota

The Environmental Protection Agency maintains enforcement authority in South Dakota with support from local agencies. The penalty for failing to comply with the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rules can result in fines in the tens, and sometimes hundreds, of thousands of dollars. Additionally, certifications and business licenses may be suspended or revoked for severe infractions.

Steps to Becoming Lead Certified in South Dakota

  1. Research the RRP Rules pre-requisites for certification

  2. Take a certification course with an instructor that is accredited and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency

  3. Pass the certification exam at the end of the certification course

  4. Apply for certification with the environmental protection agency providing evidence that you have completed the course and passed the exam.

Helpful Links for Compliance in South Dakota

For more information on lead certification, the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, the effects of lead, or South Dakota lead regulation, please see the links below.

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