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Lead Certification Texas displays needed regulatory resources regarding the RRP Rule Lead Certification Texas - EPA Renovator Trainingthat has been established in the State of Texas. Contractors, painters and other remodelers working on buildings built before 1978 need to be lead paint certified and follow safe work procedures. The RRP rule has been created by the Environmental Protection Agency and has been in effect since 2010. The law applies to older buildings mostly where people, especially children under the age of six reside. The lead law also reaches beyond residential properties and applies to schools and day cares as well. Lead Renovator certification in Texas is required for people working in these properties. This training program developed by the EPA includes specialized procedures to control lead contaminated dust during renovations. Contractors, landlords and virtually anyone else renovating these older properties and must use lead safe work procedures.  This means contractors are required to use containment, engineering controls like a HEPA vacuum, and a systematic detailed cleaning process. One of the main focal points of the RRP Rule is dust control. Basically keeping the as clean if not cleaner once the renovation is completed. Failure to comply with the strict EPA training and certification requirements can result in major fines of up to $37,500. Sometimes more if found negligent.

Resources outlined on Lead Certification Texas may be used to enhance your list. This list may not be all inclusive. There can and usually will be more agencies that you will need to comply with. Please research agencies that affect work in your area to make sure you are in compliance with the lead law. As a professional in your industry, it is up to you to make sure you know and understand the rules govern your work. If you don’t follow applicable laws, you could face serious penalties. When you start to plan a lead renovation project you can use this list of resources. But you should also do your own research to find out if there are any other governing agencies covering your work that are not listed here. Don’t risk your thousands in fines or perhaps even worse. Get certified before you do the work!

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Lead Paint Certification Initial

Search for a local Texas class near you now. The initial Lead Renovator Certification Class is for persons that have either never attend the course before or ones that need to renew but are passed their expiration date. These classes are packed with valuable content and include hands-on to reinforce the learning experience. All courses are taught with EPA approved instructors who have exceptional experience in the field.

Already certified and want to renew? Find a local TX Refresher Lead Renovator Certification Class to meet your needs. Get recertified and keep working.

Texas RRP Law Administration

The EPA administers the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule in the State of Texas. Most states across the country, including TX, follow the federal rule set forth. When the law first came into effect, individual states were encouraged to adopt and manage the rule. Most states did not do this so they continue to have the law managed at the federal level. However, some states have adopted the rule. If you work in one of these states, you must follow any additional requirements that have been established in addition to the federal program.

Enforcement Agency in Texas

Given that Texas follows the federal law, the Environmental Protection Agency has authority to enforce the rules here. You can read the Lead Law in detail at the EPA website. I would recommend visiting this site frequently to make sure you continue to stay informed of new information and updates as they come along.

Texas Lead Certification Requirements

Anyone doing work under this rule must have two different certifications. You are required have a training certificate showing that you were trained in Lead-Safe Work Practices issued from the training company. You are also required to have a Firm Certificate approving you to do work covered by this rule issued from the EPA. Follow these steps and get your certifications today.

Steps for Texas Lead Certification:


  1. Complete a Lead Renovator Certification class. There is a 25 questions exam at the end of the course that you are required to pass. The course is only 8 hours long. You will get certified in 1 day and it will be valid for 5 years. Some state run programs may vary. The typical cost is $250.00 but can fluctuate by demand and location.
  2. Receive your lead certificate which will have your name and photograph on it. Your training provider will upload your information into the EPA database.
  3. Keep a copy of your Renovator Certificate at your job site. Some people choose to maintain a printed hard copy and others have it available electronically. Either complies with the regulation.
  1. Each company must submit an EPA application to certify their firm. This is required for general and all subcontracts working on the job site. Each company needs to be certified. The application provides your company details and an acknowledgement that you will use trained staff to do work. The EPA will review your application.
  2. Once approved, they will send you a Lead Safe Firm Certificate with your company name on it. It will be valid for 5 years and must be renewed before it expires if you want to continue working.
  3. Maintain a your firm certificate in a safe location. It should always be available if needed during an inspection or audit.

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Lead Paint Certification Initial

Additional Resources for TX Lead Compliance

Resources provided here can be used to give you quick access to regulatory agencies in Texas. They will provide you with information and resources to help your company comply with the various requirements. There are other governing organizations in the State of Texas government with lead laws of their own. Some of the larger locations with additional laws may include Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, El Paso, Austin, Galveston, Lubbock, Amarillo and more. You are encouraged to search for additional agencies in the locations where you perform renovations to make sure you are complying with all requirements.

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