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Lead Certification Virginia gives important information for you to help comply with the Lead Certification Virginia - EPA Renovator TrainingEnvironmental Protection Agency’s Lead Paint Regulations in the State of Virginia.  The Lead RRP Rule applies to Virginia contractors and all others working on older properties. These include pre-1978 houses and other residential properties, schools and child care facilities.  Everyone performing renovations for compensation are required to follow the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Regulations.

The Lead Law exists because these buildings built before 1978 have a high chance of containing lead based paint. Therefore, when there is renovation that disturbs it, a significant increase in exposure to hazardous lead-based paint dust exists. Before a contractor can begin a renovation covered by this EPA Rule, they must get certification so they can do the work using lead safe procedures. Virginia contractors not certified risk tens of thousands in fines. Don’t gamble the future of your company. Get your certification today.

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Even homeowners and property managers may need to have a Lead Renovator Certificate. At the very minimum, they should verify that all contractors including sole-proprietors performing work on their home is certified. If not, the EPA could hold them accountable for unsafe work practices and lead contamination. You can always verify contractor firm certification or look up the renewal date at the EPA Website. Doing this check will help show that you are making your best effort to comply with the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

No matter if you are a home owner, general contractor, or specialty contractor you must be certified on any project covered under the RRP Rule. All contractors working on a project need their own certification. Here is a short list of the various types of trades within the industry that are required to be certified if they are doing work.

  • General Contractors
  • Sub Contractors
  • Window and Siding Professionals
  • Plumbers
  • Ventilation Mechanics
  • Roofers
  • Virtually any contracting organization that is disturbing lead-based paint in these properties

The EPA holds contractors to a high standard of accountability regarding this regulation. The EPA in partnership with the State of Virginia and other local governmental agencies enforce the RRP Law. They have the ability to issue civil, criminal and regulatory citations for non-compliance.

How Can We Help?

Lead Certification Virginia has compiled the following information for your convenience. It is designed to help you understand some of the complex laws and give you an opportunity to comply when you do your work. The EPA has one of the strictest guidelines for contractors to follow for preventing lead-based paint exposure

We have tried to place emphasis on the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements for lead certification in VA. This is because the EPA is in charge of the program here. However, there may be some additional specific regulations when it comes to lead certification imposed by other state and local agencies.

It is important to comply with the various regulatory agencies covering the work you do. Not complying with RRP Regulations could cost you thousands in fines and potentially your company.

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Lead certification VA classes are valid for 5 years before needing recertification. If your company operates in multiple states, it is important to note that some states require you to renew in less than 5 years. It is important to make sure you understand all required lead safety practices to help keep you in compliance with the law.

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Need a Lead Safe Certification Refresher Class?

Already Certified? Then you must know the value of this EPA enforced training class. Complete your Lead Safe Certification Refresher Class before it expires. The EPA requires you to renew by taking an initial class over if your certificate is no longer valid. This class will help ensure your employees receive the latest updates are using the safest work practices available.

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RRP Rule Administration in Virginia

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers the rule in Virginia. They also authorize individual states to administer and enforce the Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule on their own. Although they have encouraged every state to take it over, most have not at this time. States must prove they have the capability and the resources to both manage the rule and enforce it. The EPA issued the rule on April 22, 2010, and it is effective across the entire United States.

Who Enforces the RRP Rule in Virginia?

The EPA enforces the RRP Law in Virginia. The RRP Requirements are recognized by the state of Virginia but they have not yet taken over control of the law. Always know the law when working in other states as there may be differences if they have adopted it into their own law.

How Do I Comply with Lead Paint Certification Virginia Requirements?

The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule requires two types of certifications for each company in Virginia. One is the individual and the other is the company. Getting EPA Lead Certification from an EPA-approved class will help ensure you are complying with the law.

Steps for Certification in Virginia

  1. Register for an 8-hour EPA-approved Lead Renovator Class.
  2. Attend the class and successfully complete the 25 question exam.
  3. Get your individual lead certificate from the training provider. It will have your name and photo on it.
  4. Submit a Firm Application to the EPA and pay the required $300 fee to certify your company.
  5. Get your company lead certificate from the EPA. It will have your company name on it.
  6. Make sure to renew your certificates before they expire.

What are My Responsibilities Once I am Certified?

Once you have both certifications, you are able to do work covered by the Lead RRP Rule. You are now considered knowledgeable and competent. You must make sure you do your best to comply with all rules and make sure your company and all on your projects are working lead-safe. As a Certified Renovator, you have responsibilities that include:

  • Providing customers with the Renovate Right Pamphlet
  • Test for lead paint using lead check swabs or other similar methods.
  • Be on-site while establishing the containment and cleaning the worksite
  • Performing visual inspections and cleaning verification
  • Overall compliance with lead-safe work practices.

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Useful Compliance Resources in Virginia

View some of the more helpful websites for compliance information designed for Virginia contractors performing lead paint work. These resources are only a small amount of governing agencies located in the state of VA. Use these as a starting point, but research on your own to find additional agencies that have jurisdiction over the work you are doing. Some locations that may have additional lead laws may include Alexandria, Arlington, Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Beach and others.

Environmental Protection Agency – Lead Program – Find the written rule and various components to help you keep your job site and the environment safe.

State of Virginia – Administrative Code – Standards for Conducting Lead Based Paint Activities – Standards and practices established by the state.

Fairfax County VA Environmental Health – Lead poisoning prevention information and resources.

City of Alexandria and the Commonwealth of Virginia – Information and resources for contractors working in pre-1978 properties.

City of Norfolk VA Environmental Health – Providing contact information to city administrators.

Virginia Department of Public Health – Lead poisoning prevention information and guidelines.

Arlington VA Housing – Information for landlords and property managers.

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