Lead RRP Rule Interpretation

Lead Renovation, Repair, & Painting Program (RRP) Rule

  • Governing Authority: Environmental Protection Agency
    • 40 CFR Part 745 Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention in Certain Residential Structures

This rule applies to people working in homes, day care facilities, and elementary schools that are older than 1978. If this is applies to you, then read on for detailed information and guidance on how this rule affects your work. We have provided a thorough breakdown of the most important parts of the rule to help you understand the requirements of lead paint certification.

What type of work is covered by the RRP rule? It’s often confusing trying to figure what requirements you need to follow when you do construction work in older buildings. It’s no different with this rule. We have tried to break down the detailed scope of coverage to provide you with an easy to understand interpretation of  how the rule may apply to you. Read on to find out what type of work is covered under this regulation.

What type of Certification is required?

What are the individual and firm responsibilities?

What you need to know before beginning work

  • Hand out the Renovate Right pamphlet
  • Testing for lead-based paint

Preparing a project for lead related work activity

  • Interior containment requirements
  • exterior containment requirements

Controlling lead contaminated dust during renovations

  • Avoiding prohibited work practices
  • Using specialized tools
  • Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning after work is completed

  • Interior cleaning requirements
  • Exterior cleaning requirements
  • Performing a visual inspection

Verifying cleaning meets the RRP standard requirements

  • Cleaning verification procedure
  • Dust clearance examination

What to do with waste generated from a lead renovation project

  • Disposal requirements

Am I required to keep paperwork

  • RRP recordkeeping requirements