Module 1Stand Up and Speak
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Section 1 - The Principles of Effective Presentations
Unit 3Section 2 - The 3 P's Purpose, Process and Payoff (How to prepare your message in advance)
Unit 4Section 3 - The 3 Key Factors of a Presentation. The Eye Factor, The Energy Factor, and The Fear Factor
Unit 5Review
Module 2Facilitating People
Unit 1Agenda Topics - Facilitating People
Unit 2General Facilitation Know-How
Unit 3What's are Facilitator Responsibilities?
Unit 4A Good Facilitator Can...
Unit 5Effective Communication For Facilitators
Unit 6What are Active Listening Skills?
Unit 7Audience Characteristics
Unit 8The "Expert"
Unit 9The "Rambler" (Storyteller)
Unit 10The "Poor Sport"
Unit 11The "Dominator"
Unit 12The "Side Conversationalist"
Unit 13Handling Hecklers
Unit 14Types of Hecklers
Unit 15Strategies for Dealing with Hecklers
Unit 16Depersonalize, Detach, Defuse - The "DDD" Method
Unit 17Resisters
Unit 18Types of Resistance and Strategies
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