Individual Lead Paint Certification

Your Guide to Individual and Firm Lead Paint Certification

In 1978, the federal government banned the use of lead-based paint in the country, although some states had banned it earlier. To date, there are millions of houses with lead paint under layers of other paint. If you are planning to do a major renovation of your house or office that will involve disturbing your lead paint, you will require lead-safe certification put in place. This is because lead dust and chips from the paint are toxic to human beings and the environment when released into the air uncontrolled. Therefore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accepted the lead paint certification in 2010.

Lead paint certification is a training that every individual who wishes to perform any renovation or paintwork in buildings older than 1978 must have. It involves skills to remove traces of lead-based paints while ensuring the environment and the people around them are safe. You can get the certificate as an individual or as a firm after meeting the EPA set requirements. This article will explore individual and firm certifications and all the processes involved in both.

What Is Individual Lead Paint Certification?

Individual lead paint certification involves knowledge that comes from training and work experience. An individual must follow these steps to get certified:

  • Register for a lead individual certification course at an EPA approved trainer.
  • You then apply to a state approved institution or EPA and pay the required fee.
  • Get trained on the fundamentals of lead renovation, repair and painting processes and the safety procedures involved.
  • Complete 15 hours of classroom training and 40 hours’ work dealing with lead observing the safety procedures.
  • After you pass all the EPA tests or the agency training you, you’ll get the individual lead paint certification.

Requirements for Individual Lead Paint Certification

Before any agency considers you for training and certification, there are requirements you should meet that include:

  • You have to be of legal age. (At least 18 years)
  • Prove that you can legally perform painting, repair and renovation according to your state’s requirements.
  • Be free from any crime convictions that may affect your ability to handle and work with lead materials.
  • Be physically fit to handle the hazards that come with lead paint.
  • Have no record of alcohol and drug abuse within ‌three years before the application date.

You may spend about $150 – $300 for EPA certification depending on the training option you take and your location. If you want to get the training at reduced prices, get the training from groups representing renovation and home building companies, e.g. National Association of Home Builders.

The Benefits of Individual Lead Paint Certification

A lead paint certified individual improves the image and reputation of the building industry. Home inspectors follow EPA standards and require all their inspectors to be trained and certified. You will save on the project’s costs because when the government finds a project non-complying with the EPA regulations, the fines they pay are way higher than paying a certified contractor. A lead paint certified individual can handle federal work.

This means more opportunities to make an income as the certificate is comprehensive enough to handle all painting, repair and renovation activities.

After certification, EPA will list you on their website as a certified contractor. As homeowners search for lead contractors, you will have a higher chance of winning contracts, hence making more income. A step towards certification is a step towards improved workplace safety. Having adequate certified workers in a project ensures reduced accidents in the renovation industry.

Individual Lead Paint Certification Benefits

Firm Lead Paint Certification

This is proof that your firm has taken the ‌lead paint certification training, completed and passed the tests. You must issue your client with EPA’s lead brochure at the beginning of the renovation process, according to EPA requirements.

The certification process begins with application to the course according to the job you are handling. The training agency will test you to ensure you understand the required content and you’re ready to serve the public. The tests include completing a couple of tasks in a way that satisfies your state-approved trainer. You must also attend all classes to get a certificate.

The following is a guide towards a firm’s lead paint certificate:

  • Your contractor will apply to EPA or a state approved agency and make the payment.
  • The firm’s employees will undergo eight hours’ training, with two hours being practice oriented.
  • After completion, employees will keep the project area enclosed, ensure minimum creation of lead dust, and clean the area properly upon completion.

The EPA requires you to give your certified renovator the duty to supervise any work involving lead paint and the cleaning on completion. Your firm must also guarantee that any worker working under the certified renovator will follow the lead safety laws.

Certification Requirements

  • Your lead paint certified firm must have at least one certified renovator. You earn accredited renovator credentials after completing the EPA accredited renovator course. You also have to attend a refresher course after every five years to stay certified.
  • You have to comply with the set laws that your firm will assign a certified renovator to every project and only the trained workers will offer the lead paint services.
  • All the services your firm offers must also adhere to the EPA lead safety regulations.

Certified firms can train their workers to perform lead paint services, unlike certified individuals. You can face a penalty of up to $200,000 fine and a one-year imprisonment for violating lead paint laws. There are over 17% of houses in the United States with a potential risk of lead. This is a high percentage and, as a contractor or a firm, you may win the task of renovating one soon. The EPA lead certification is a program that will ensure you comply with EPA regulations, hence protecting people’s health and avoiding high fines.

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