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Pigeons: Creepy Birds or Lead Poisoning Prevention Aerial Machines?

Lead poisoning is a serious issue in the U.S. as up to 75% of all homes contain some amount of lead paint. The damage that this poisoning can cause can ruin a child’s life before they even have a chance. Children who have been exposed to lead poisoning are seven times more likely to drop out of school and are six times more likely to end up in the criminal system. Don’t let your child’s future be deterred by something like lead poisoning.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should take it upon yourself to remove any trace amount of lead from your home or commercial building. There’s a reason contractors who work with lead are required to take EPA lead certification courses to learn all the necessary steps to handle this dangerous chemical safely. But being EPA lead certified is just one of the ways to win the fight against this poison. The more people who are aware of these issues the better chance we have at ridding our homes and schools of lead for good.

According to Care2, new research shows a new way of determining high levels of lead within homes. This new way seems a bit… unconventional to most, but if it works, then why not use it as another tool?

Believe it or not, pigeons may lead to the prevention of lead in children. That’s right… pigeons.

This scientific research recently appeared in the journal, “Chemosphere,” and noted that researches conducted hundreds of blood tests on 825 pigeons all across Manhattan. The blood testing showed plenty of overlap between where pigeons developed lead poisoning in the city and the areas of where humans were being exposed to lead poisoning.

“There’s a potential to be able to circumvent health problems in humans before they even begin,” said Dr. Rebecca Calisi, head of this study.

While the study has major implications for the way scientists identify and prevent lead poisoning in urban areas, there are other ways to prevent lead poisoning a littler closer to home. One home remedy for preventing lead from building up on your property is to wet-mop floors and rinse counters at least once every two to three weeks. Household dust is a major source of lead poisoning, so keeping a house clean will also help prevent the hazards posed by lead.

And if you really want to get involved, then there are EPA lead certification courses you and your family can take to learn more about this potentially life-ruining poison. There are even EPA lead certification online courses and ongoing lead certification renewal programs available as well.

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