Renovations that disturb lead-based paint create hazardous dust!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates approximately thirty five million homes in the United States contain lead-based paint. Lead-based paint is defined as paint that contains 0.5% lead by weight or higher. Construction and renovation activity that disturbs painted surfaces can create lead contaminated dust. But, just how much dust is hazardous? Think for a moment about this example that is discussed as part of a lead certification class. Consider a one gram packet of sweetener, but instead, the packet contains 0.5% lead contaminated dust. This small amount of dust would be enough to contaminate 125 square feet of surface and create a hazard for everyone that enters the area.

It is clear that a little dust can contaminate a large area. As a contractor, I’m certain that you clean your job sites when you are finished. But, is it enough? Attending a Lead Certification course will give you the training needed to make sure it is. But you may be thinking that you use a broom and shop vac, and your job site looks clean. But, did you know even areas that look clean may not be. Furthermore, brooms and shop vac’s can actually spread lead dust rather than clean it up.

Lead-contaminated dust is hard to sweep and normal cleaning methods will not clean all of it. Specialized cleaning techniques that are taught in a lead certification course is needed for these types of projects. It will be kind of like “detailing” your job sites that have lead paint. You will use water with a specialized cleaner, a HEPA vac, and a systematic approach to make sure you are not re-contaminating your work area. You may think it sounds complicated, but after doing it once or twice you will be a pro.

Getting your lead certification will give you the confidence that you are doing your part to keep your project safe. You will be sure that when your job site looks clean, it will actually be clean. If you would like to register for a lead renovator training class or have any questions, please contact ZOTA Professional Training today!