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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Lead Renovator Training

Small business owners often don’t understand the true benefits of providing workers with lead renovator training or even the benefits of having a certified lead renovator on hand. Lead poisoning is a leading factor in why children are seven times more likely to drop out of school. Here are a few ways your business can adjust to changing guidelines and benefit from lead training, EPA lead safe certification.
Change your approach
Guidelines within the construction industry change at a rapid pace, making it difficult for many businesses to keep up. These changes cannot be ignored. Complying protects the health of your workers, their families, and residents. With about 600,000 new cases of children developing learning disabilities due to lead exposure, safety is key.

Comprehensive Training
Providing employees with proper training is a great opportunity to address how current processes can be improved while learning something new. Investing both the time and resources to teach staff lead renovator training will help make these processes the standard.

Emphasize your concern for safety
Ask to check for lead in areas of the home or structure that people would not normally think to check for lead. It is recommended to do so prior to providing a bid. This lets clients know that you are thorough in your process and truly care about their overall safety. Ensure clients that this is necessary to make sure renovations do not put the family or other occupants in danger. Considering that three-fourths of all American homes contain lead-based paint, it truly is necessary to check for its presence anywhere you can.

Implement creative motivation and networking techniques
As a small business, it is important to connect with other contractors to stay on top of the industry’s constant changes. Networking is a great way to do this. If speaking to the competition does not appeal to you, there are other resources available. The Internet is a great tool for finding educational videos and other content to motivate your team to keep safety in mind at all times.

Small businesses can benefit from lead renovator training in more way than imaginable. Being EPA lead certified and providing training for employees to obtain lead renovator certification will help your business stand out from competitors. Make safety from lead a top priority of your business and watch the level of service increase.