lead paint certification

ZOTA Offers an EPA Lead Renovator Certification Initial Course

Any contractor or property manager worth his or her salt will make the safety of residents a topmost priority. Since the presence of lead paint poses a well-documented danger, particularly to young children, remediation of any apartment or home painted with lead paint should be undergone immediately.

Lead paint is an issue that affects millions of Americans each year. It is present in three-quarters of American homes and more than million children under the age of six already have toxic levels of it in their bodies. In fact, children exposed to lead paint make up about 600,000 new cases of intellectual disabilities annually.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Program has a mandatory rule in place which states that if you are paid to perform renovation, repair, or painting work in houses built before 1978, you must be trained to do so. The goal of the rule is to promote safe practices and the prevention of lead poisoning.

If you are in this position, look no further than ZOTA Professional Training for helping with lead paint certification. Our team of qualified, experienced instructors have years of experience in the field and are valuable resources.

Whether you have been working in the industry for a number of years or you’re just getting started in your career, if you are on a job site where lead is present and you have not taken any lead certification courses, you risk the chance of being fined — to the tune of $37,500 per day!

The objectives of the EPA Lead Renovator Certification initial course are:

  • To protect employees and residents from potential lead contamination. This is especially true for children.
  • To gain a clear understanding of how important it is to reduce the production of lead particles and lead dust during renovation, remodeling, painting, and maintenance activities.
  • To gain an understanding of the tools, systems, and techniques necessary to manage the accumulation of dust in any structure.
  • To comply with all EPA guidelines in relation to lead-based paint during renovation, remodeling, and rehabilitation.

ZOTA’s EPA Lead Renovator Certification initial course covers topics such as:

  • Why should I be concerned about lead paint?
  • Regulations
  • Before beginning work
  • Contain the dust during work
  • During the work
  • Cleaning activities and checking your work
  • Record-keeping
  • Training non-certified renovation workers

It is important that contractors and property managers enroll in lead renovator training, lead inspector training, lead abatement training and other lead training courses to obtain lead paint certification — not just to avoid being fined, but also to protect the safety of clients and employees. ZOTA can help your business ensure the safety of everyone on the property.