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Facts Anyone Seeking Lead Abatement Certification Should Know

With the recent news of water contamination in the city of Flint filling the media airwaves lately, lead has once again become a trending concern. The U.S. housing market contains lead paint in three-quarters of homes. Studies have shown that one in every six children age six and younger have toxic levels of lead in their bodies already. Children in this age group are at the most risk for lead poisoning because of their fast development rate and typically put their hands in their mouths after touching multiple surfaces that may be contaminated with lead dust.

For this reason and more, lead inspector training has been on the rise for many individuals and companies alike. For those who are interested in lead certification courses and certification, here are some facts on how to obtain lead inspector certification and what to expect in training to gain a better understanding.

Applying and Receiving Certification
Once you have completed the initial course requirements from an EPA accredited facility, you may receive certification for lead inspection training. The certification lasts for six months following the completion of training but only serves as interim certification. In order to become fully certified, you must complete the application process, which includes an exam. This must be done within six months after finishing the initial coursework or before the expiration of the interim certificate.

It is highly recommended to submit your application for certification to the EPA within the first 30 days of completing the initial course to allow yourself as much time as possible to take the third party exam and to make sure that your interim certification does not expire within that time. If not and your certification does expire, you will no longer be able to work in the field.

The application for EPA lead certification is performed online and its requirements include:

  • A PDF copy of your course completion certificate.
  • A passport photograph (JPG format preferred).
  • A valid credit or debit card, or information needed to complete an ACH payment of the application fee.
  • PDF copies of evidence confirming you comply with all of the education, experience, and training requirements for the discipline you are seeking certification in including lead-based paint abatement.

Once you have completed the above steps for lead inspector training, you will receive a letter with instructions on how to register and take the third party examination. After three years, you must re-certify in order to continue working in the field.