Lead Safety Training Can Help Prevent Lead Poisoning

As a contractor, you play an important role in preventing lead poisoning when working in older buildings. Attending a Lead Safety Training course will give you the skills to control dust and help keep your projects clean. Lead poisoning in children can cause central nervous system problems, lower IQ scores, attention and behavior problems and more. But just how serious is lead poisoning?

Doctors once thought that children with a blood lead level of 50 micrograms were at danger of the negative effects of lead poisoning. Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sets the limit at 10 micrograms. However, many studies now suggest that there is no safe level of lead and just small amounts even under 10 micrograms can cause damage. Additionally, damage that occurs can and often does become irreversible.

Lead in gasoline has been used up to the 1970’s and has contaminated soil, especially in urban areas. Studies Lead Safety Traininghave identified this to be a source of lead poisoning in children. However, Lead paint has been identified as the leading source of lead poisoning in children. Construction and renovation activities in buildings built before 1978 create lead contaminated dust. The major concern is when dust is left behind after a project is completed.

You might be asking how you can help prevent lead poisoning. The first step as a contractor working in older buildings is to attend a lead safety training course. You will learn the required steps to work safely around lead paint including how to perform a lead paint inspection, set up containment to control dust, how to properly clean, and how to dispose of contaminated materials. Upon completion of the lead safety training class, you will be confident that you will be able to take on a project and do your part to prevent poisoning.

When working on a project in an older building, the idea should be to control dust and leave the project as clean if not cleaner than when you arrived. If you are working in older buildings and would like to do your part to prevent lead poisoning, then you should attend a lead safety training course today. If you would like to register or have any questions, please contact ZOTA Professional Training today!